Greetings all!  Be aware that registration for the spring semester is almost upon us.  This newsletter has lots of useful information in it to help you navigate the process.  So read carefully.  And if you have questions, contact your advisor!


Pre-Registration Advising Meeting, Thursday, October 20, 3:15 in Bruce 109
The Department of History will hold its pre-registration advising meeting on Thursday, October 20, 3:15 PM in Bruce 109).  Faculty members will be on hand to conduct advising, answer your questions, and remove advisement blocks.  Please bring your GUIDESHEETS (up-to-date, please), program evaluations and/or degree audits (from KeanWise), and your questions!  If you need a clean GUIDESHEET, download one from the department website.  Click here for GUIDESHEETS.
If you cannot attend the meeting, you need to schedule an appointment with your advisor.  To do so, first check his/her office hours on KeanWise, then send him/her an email to schedule an appointment.
When you meet with your advisor, bring your GUIDESHEETS (up-to-date, please), program evaluations, degree audits, and any other relevant information.

Have questions about advising?

Start with Advising FAQs:
Please be aware that you can find answers to most of your advising questions on the History Department FAQs posted on the department webpage.  Try looking here first before you see your advisor.

Why do I have a hold on my account?

See University Academic Advisement Policy:

All undergraduate students will be required to receive academic advisement prior to registration. This advisement will be provided by the student’s faculty advisor.  An academic advisement hold will be placed on the student’s account until they have met with their advisor. Students can access their first major advisor information by logging into their KeanWISE account and clicking on the link Search Office Hour by Faculty/Advisor Name. (This link will only provide you with your first major advisor information only)
Students admitted into the following programs (EEO, EPIC, Passport, and Spanish-Speaking) will have an additional hold placed on their account. Students in these special admit programs are required to contact their respective program for removal of this hold prior to registration.

Students with a second major or content area will have a second major advisement hold placed on their account until they have met with their second advisor.  

History Teacher/Cert?

You will need to seek advising and have advising blocks removed by BOTH your history advisor AND your education advisor.  

All history/teacher certification majors should seek education advising from Professor Jerry Weiner in Hutchinson J334E.  He can offer advising and information you need about required education courses and fieldwork.  Please consult KeanWise for Professor Weiner's office hours.  He may be reached by email at jweiner@kean.edu, or by phone at 737-4009.

Specific Education advisors: 

Grades 9-12: Dr. Linda Costanzo Cahir, J-334, lcahir@kean.edu

Grades 5-8: Dr. Frank Osborne, J-334, fosborne@kean.edu

Grades K-5: Prof. Patrick Ippolito, J-330, pippolit@kean.edu

Bilingual Ed: Dr. Gail Verdi, J-330, gverdi@kean.edu

Special Ed: Dr. Nora Pollard, HH-313, pollardn@kean.edu

Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Certification: Dr. Ethel Eaddy, J-102 eeaddy@kean.edu and www.kean.edu/~pbtc



When can I register?

To find out, follow this link to the registrar's "system availability" schedule: 

Have basic questions about registration?

Try the "Preparing for Registration" page on the registrar's website: 

Still need to take GE 2023?

The history department will now offer its own sections of the required GE 2023 Research Methods course.  The course will be offered in Spring 2012 by Dr. Mercantini and Dr. Perkiss who will serve as co-instructors.  This section is open only to history majors and will provide an introduction into the methods of historical research and writing.  Having completed this course, you will possess a stronger foundation in historical approaches to research and be better prepared for upper-level history courses and especially senior seminar.  Eventually, this class will be required of all history majors - take it now to have a hand in shaping the future curriculum.


Issues '11

Kean University’s annual lecture series will present two forums of interest to history majors.

The first, on October 24 at 12:15 p.m. in the Wilkins Theater, will feature David Henry Hwang, playwright, screenwriter and librettist, best known for the plays M. Butterfly and Yellow FaceHe will explore the complexities of forging Eastern and Western cultures in contemporary America. In addition, he will discuss his extraordinary body of work over the past 30 years.

Then, on Tuesday, Nov. 1, a panel of political experts will discuss the upcoming elections for New Jersey’s state legislature. Leading political strategists Mike Muller (Democrat) and Mike DuHaime (Republican) will lead the conversation. Muller served as Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign director in New Jersey in 2008. DuHaime was the lead strategist for Governor Chris Christie's 2009 campaign. The event, scheduled for 4.30 p.m. in the Carriage House at Liberty Hall Museum, is co-sponsored by the Kean University Center for History, Politics and Policy and the political news website, politickernj.com.


For more information, contact Terry Golway at tgolway@kean.edu

When Did World War II Start?

This year Dr. Bellitto will continue his formal exploration of "Just War" through "War and Peace:  the Kean University History Forum, 2011-2012."   This year's events will kick off on Wednesday, November 9 at 7:30 in the STEM Auditorium.  Dr. Carol Gluck of Columbia University will discuss "When Did World War II Start?  A Pacific Perspective."  Her lecture will be followed with a comment by Dr. Laura Neitzel of Brookdale Community College.  Please plan to attend!


Please feel free to join the Chinese Table every Friday, 11AM-2PM, in Townsend 117 to make new friends, play Chinese games, and learn to speak Chinese.


Additional resources for keeping track of all things history at Kean include our website, updated regularly, at http://www.kean.edu/~history, and our facebook page.  To locate the facebook page, go to facebook and search for "Kean History" or click on the following link: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Kean-University-History-Department/157431547631762 and be sure to "Like" us!  You will find information about history related events and activities at Kean and beyond.

Need Help Writing Papers?

Please note that the Department of History has a new resource on
its website to help you write your papers.  In particular, the writing
guide offers advice on organizing your papers, working with
quotations, and formatting footnotes!  Please familiarize yourself
with this document--you will see the results in your paper grades!