Meet our newest faculty member!

The Department of History welcomes Abigail Perkiss.  Abigail Perkiss joined the Kean history department in the fall of 2010 as the new assistant professor of African American history. 
This spring, she will be offering two sections of HIST 3306, 20th Century Black History, as well as an online section of HIST 1000.  She will also be regularly teaching The History of the Black American pre-1900, and the second half of the US history survey.  In the future, keep an eye out for classes on the Civil Rights Movement, the history of Black Studies, legal history, and urban history.  Dr. Perkiss routinely integrates debates, mock trials, and role playing into her classes, and offers students opportunities to do primary research and oral history projects.  Her own research centers on the history of race, ethnicity, and urban identity in post-WWII American cities.
For more information about her classes, contact Dr. Perkiss at aperkiss@kean.edu.



Read about Jasmine Moore's experience serving as an intern at Macculloch Hall:

Jasmine Moore

Macculloch Hall Historical House Museum

45 Macculloch Ave. Morristown, NJ


In the spring of 2010 I had the honor and privilege to intern at the Macculloch Hall Historical House Museum. When thinking about a place to intern, I thought back to my senior year in high school to one of my favorite history teachers.  He had takend the Heritage Club to this house museum, and from then I was amazed. The house came to be when George Macculloch and his wife Louisa Macculloch wanted a place to raise kids and a place to farm. It has been lived in by 5 generations of Macculloch and Miller families. Also, one of the friends of the family was famed cartoonist Thomas Nast.  Nast, who became famous for popularizing the political images of the donkey and the elephant, as well as the image of Santa Claus, lived just down the street.

To start off the internship,I was given an overview of the house .  I had the pleasure of working with a small but great group of people. The museum has only three employees, including the director Carrie Fellows, event coordinator Karen Hollywood, and the person I had the honor of working closely with, the Curator Ryan Hyman. We had a great time working on so many different projects. When I started I was able to help them take down the holiday décor which goes up every year around November to ring in the holiday season. This was so great to see how the museum in run from the inside.

The next task Ryan put me to was getting all the information together about the next exhibit that would be going up in the gallery room. This was something special because this next exhibit was about the man who made the museum was it is today, W. Parsons Todd the founder of the museum. He was the person that decided he wanted to make the house what it is and that was such a great exhibit I was able to help put together. Mr. Todd was a bit part of the history of Morristown.  He was twice mayor, served on the school board and as alderman, among many other things. He contributed to many charities and gave donations to so many. I was so excited to get started and Ryan put me to work.  We needed to decide where we wanted everything to go and that was the easy part.  Mybiiggest task was putting together a digital frame of the house and the years of Mr. Todd. Getting the pictures on the frame was the easy part.  What seemed like such an easy job (getting all the pictures together and getting them in order), turned into a job that took much longer than I think it should have. I worked on that frame every time I went in and also on normal museum task like help the other staff member s and on getting the museum back to normal and not Christmas. I got to work with the database and was able to input the information in about the rug among many other things which the museum has many rugs some which are on display. Getting back to the digital frame trying to figure out how to get the picture to play in order was the task I had to deal with up until a week before the exhibit was opened and I did it. Of the many things I was able to do during my internship the one I enjoyed the most was actually being a part of putting up an exhibit that was due to be done about the man of the house. We worked on formation of the exhibit from the time I got there in mid January until March when the exhibit was opened. I has so much fun with all that I did, when I went in I didn’t feel like I was working it felt like fun that is the best was to say what I was able to do. 

With all that I was able to do, I am happy that I chose Macculloch Hall Historical House Museum, because I learned so much about the little town that I live in.  When I was finished with my internship, I could not stay away and they were happy to have me continue to help. I have been able to learn more about the museum. Many of the events that the museum has coming up I will be in attendance and I am happy to help in any way that I can.  The staff is so welcoming and you feel at home when you visit. This has been a great experience, and I would say if you get a chance to volunteer at any museum do it!  You will be surprised how much you learn. ~Jasmine Moore

For more information on doing an internship through the Department of History, contact Dr. Jonathan Mercantini at jmercant@kean.edu.



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Book Talk

Dr. Jay Spaulding, Ph.D., of the Department of History, Kean University, will be presenting a book talk entitled "Sex, Bondage, and the Market" on Tuesday, November 30, 2010, at 3:15 in the Carriage House, Liberty Hall. 

Upcoming Theatre Performance and Discussion:

Dr. Xurong Kong and Dr. Teresa Choate will participate in a panel discussion following the performance of The Other Side, a play by Chinese playwright Gao Xingjiang. 
Written in 1986, the play was banned by the Chinese government and never performed there.  The play addresses collectivism and individualism.  The performance of The Other Side, followed by the panel discussion, will take place in the Zella Frye Theatre, Vaughn-Eames 118 on Thursday, November 18 at 5 PM.  Tickets, $15 Faculty/$10 Students, are available through the Wilkins Theatre Box Office.



Ongoing Exhibit:

See the new exhibit at Liberty Hall:  "Stitches in Time:  Three Centuries of Hemlines, Necklines, and Everything in Between" on view until June 30, 2011.  The exhibit includes historic clothing drawn from the Liberty Hall Museum collection displayed on mannequins in Liberty Hall.

Upcoming Event:

Kean University Office of Africana Studies presents:  "A Tribute to the Tuskegee Airmen."  Meet them.  Talk with them.  Learn from them.
Thursday, November 18, 2010 at 12:30 PM, Human Rights Intitute in the Nancy Thompson Library. 


The Kean University Historical Society (KUHS) is the student history club on campus.  Members are busy planning events to celebrate Black History Month and Women's History Month, as well as a field trip to Salem, Massachusetts.  They meet every other Tuesday in Willis 211 at 3:15.  New members are always welcome.  Look for them on Facebook!
And watch for the announcement of the next Phi Alpha Theta History Honor Society book club selection, then join students and faculty alike for a discussion of the reading!



New GE History course, Hist 1062:  Worlds of History

Please note that the new world history course, Hist 1062:  Worlds of History, DOES count towards your GE history requirement.  To fulfill that requirement, you must take either Hist 1000:  Civil Society in America, or the new course, Hist 1062.


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