Please read the final Fall 2011 newsletter carefully, as much is happening in the final weeks of the semester. 
If you have not yet registered for Spring 2012 classes, please see your advisor right away.  And as always, if you have questions, please ask.  
Happy Holidays!


The Department of History has begun holding Student Writing Workshops to address all your questions about writing, citing, and plagiarism.  The next workshop, to be led by Dr. Mercantini and Dr. Regal, is scheduled for Tuesday, November 29 at 3:15 PM in the History Department Classroom.  

If you cannot attend, please recall that the department website includes writing guidelines with advice on organizing your papers, working with quotations, and formatting footnotes!  Please familiarize yourself with this document--you will see the results in your paper grades.  Click here for the History Department Writing Guidelines.


Student Internship Presentations will be held on Thursday December 1 at 3:15 PM at the Liberty Hall Wagon Shed.  Students will present projects completed at Liberty Hall Museum, Edison Historic Site and the First Presbyterian Church in Elizabeth. This is a great way to learn more about the possibilities and benefits of doing an internship from other Kean students.  Please contact Dr.Jonathan Mercantini, History Dept. Internship coordinator for more information at jmercant@kean.edu.


A reminder to all students in Senior Seminar: The History Department will select the most outstanding paper written in Senior Seminar in 2011 for the Martin Siegel Prize for Outstanding Work in Historical Research and Writing.  The winner of the award will be recognized at the Phi Alpha Theta Initiation Ceremony in April 2012.


The history department will now offer its own sections of the required GE 2023 Research Methods course.  The course will be offered in Spring 2012 by Dr. Mercantini and Dr. Perkiss who will serve as co-instructors.  This section is open to history majors and will provide an introduction into the methods of historical research and writing.  Having completed this course, you will possess a stronger foundation in historical approaches to research and be better prepared for upper-level history courses and especially senior seminar.  Eventually, this class will be required of all history majors - take it now to have a hand in shaping the future curriculum.

MAHGS Events and Updates

Master of Arts in Holocaust and Genocide Studies:  
The Question of Post-Genocide Justice:  The Cambodian Tribunals

The Master of Arts in Holocaust and Genocide Studies is convening a panel of experts to examine the necessity and perhaps impossibility of exercising justice in the fraught aftermath of genocidal assault. The panel will include representatives from the United Nations and the Open Society Justice Initiative (an international human rights organization), as well as Loung Ung, a witness to the genocide in Cambodia as a young girl and author of the international bestseller, First They Killed My Father. This program, which will take place on December 1 at 7:30 pm in Kean Hall, is free. Click here for the program.  For further details, contact Dr. Dennis Klein, dklein@kean.edu

Master of Arts in Holocaust and Genocide Studies:  New BA/MA program

The Master of Arts in Holocaust and Genocide Studies is pleased to announce a new 5-year BA/MA degree program in Holocaust and Genocide Studies. Undergraduates can begin work on this program as early as in the spring semester. Students with 90 credits are eligible. Upon completion of their coursework, they can apply favorably by June 1 for the Masters degree and continue their studies over the summer. For details, visit www.kean.edu/ku/holocaust-and-genocide-studies or contact: Dr. Dennis Klein, dklein@kean.edu.

OPENING SOON:  Civil War Exhibit at Liberty Hall

  The Wounded & the Weary:  72 Hours in the Life of a Civil War Nurse 

Not long after the Civil War broke out, Christine Kean Griffin, a 35-year-old widow from Elizabeth, volunteered to serve as a battlefield nurse with the U.S. Sanitary Commission. Mrs. Griffin was sent to Virginia in the spring of 1862 as the Union army embarked on its ill-fated Peninsula campaign.

As casualties poured into the Sanitary Commission’s hospital ship in early June, Mrs. Griffin and her colleagues saw first-hand the horrors of war. Her letters described a 72-hour span of ceaseless effort as nurses tended to wounded soldiers.

Liberty Hall Museum and Kean University will commemorate Christine Kean Griffin’s service, and the service of all Civil War nurses, in a new exhibit, “The Wounded & the Weary: 72 Hours in the Life of a Civil War Nurse.” The exhibit will be open from late December, 2011, to June, 2012.

The exhibit will feature a re-creation of a bunk in a hospital ship and a nurse’s tent. A short video will explain the history of the battle and introduce the main characters. Copies of portions of Mrs. Griffin’s letters will be on display, along with artifacts conserved in Liberty Hall Museum, including newspapers from the Civil War era.

The exhibit is the latest collaboration between Liberty Hall Museum and the Kean University History Department. It is supported with funds from the New Jersey Historical Commission.

Watch for the announcement of the official opening!  For more information in the meantime, contact Liberty Hall Museum at 908-527-0400 or visit the Museum’s website, www.kean.edu/libertyhall

MARK YOUR CALENDARS for the following SPRING 2012 Events!

March 1:  Hollywood Goes to War
March 29-30:  Just War and Jihad on Trial
April 17:  Timothy Snyder on Bloodlands
April 19:  Phi Alpha Theta Initiation Reception