All of us in the department were delighted to see so many of you at the "War and Peace" symposium.  And while we are in the final weeks of the semester, note that we have several more events scheduled to take place!   Remember that registration continues.  If you have advising and registration-related questions, please see your adviser.

Looking at Chinese Prostitution

Looking at Chinese Prostitution from Different Perspectives:

How a Discipline Influences the Study of a Topic

A lecture and discussion with Drs. Sue Gronewold of the History Department and Min Liu of the Criminal Justice Department on Thursday, April 12 from 7:30 p.m to 8:30 p.m in L -154 of the Nancy Thompson Library. 

Refreshments will be served


 Kean University has two faculty members who have written books on prostitution in China: Sue Gronewold, of the History Department and Min Liu of the Criminal Justice Department.  Drs. Gronewold and Liu will speak about how their disciplines and perspectives shaped their approach to the topics covered in their books.   They will talk about what they share in common – feminist perspectives and interests in China – and how their disciplines structured their approaches in terms of the questions they asked, the sources they used, and the methodologies they followed.  

Call (908) 737-4600 for more information

Reminder:  History "Book Club" to Meet

This spring Phi Alpha Theta will hold a book club discussion on April 17 at 3:15 PM.  The book club selection for this spring is Linda Colley's The Ordeal of Elizabeth Marsh.  The book's description follows: 

"In this remarkable reconstruction of an eighteenth-century woman's extraordinary and turbulent life, historian Linda Colley not only tells the story of Elizabeth Marsh, one of the most distinctive travelers of her time, but also opens a window onto a radically transforming world.Marsh was conceived in Jamaica, lived in London, Gibraltar, and Menorca, visited the Cape of Africa and Rio de Janeiro, explored eastern and southern India, and was held captive at the court of the sultan of Morocco. She was involved in land speculation in Florida and in international smuggling, and was caught up in three different slave systems. She was also a part of far larger histories. Marsh's lifetime saw new connections being forged across nations, continents, and oceans by war, empire, trade, navies, slavery, and print, and these developments shaped and distorted her own progress and the lives of those close to her. Colley brilliantly weaves together the personal and the epic in this compelling story of a woman in world history." 

Professor Colley is Professor of History at Princeton University and she will be our speaker at this year's Phi Alpha Theta Initiation Ceremony on April 19 at 7PM.  Those of you who participate in the book discussion will be invited to hear Professor Colley speak at the Phi Alpha Theta reception.  

Doing History:  Review of Dr. Spaulding's Latest Book

In last month's segment on "Doing History," you read about researching and writing history for publication.  Once a book has been published, it is reviewed by other historians.  The reviews are published in academic journals (such as the American Historical Review) and newspapers (such as the New York Times Book Review).  Book reviews offer summaries of books, assess a book's contribution to the study of history, and address how a book fits into the historiography of its given subject.  You may have been asked to read book reviews in History 4990 or other classes.

One of Dr. Jay Spaulding's recent books, The Heroic Age in Sinnar, has been translated into Arabic.  The Arabic-language translation was reviewed in al-Sahafa, a Sudanese newspaper.  Follow the link to the review--and let Google translate for you:   http://www.alsahafa.sd/details.php?type=a&scope=a&version=776&catid=262

Exploring "Just War" continues:

Join Dr. Bellitto and students from his seminar History of Just War as they explore case studies in just war as part of Research Day. The course and project were funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities Enduring Questions Pilot Course Grant for "Is there such a thing as a just war/": Wed., April 25, 10-11:15am in STEM 415. Speakers include Arkor Kolubah on the Six-Day War, John LeStrange on the Haitian Revolution, and Ashley Paladino on America's Civil War.

CIVIL WAR EXHIBIT continues at Liberty Hall

Kean University commemorates the 150th anniversary of the Civil War wtih an exhibit on the war at Liberty Hall.  The exhibit, "The Wounded and the Weary:  72 Hours in the Life of a Civil War Nurse," examines the experiences of Christine Kean Griffin, a 35-year oyear-old widow from Elizabeth who volunteered to serve as a battlefield nurse with the U.S. Sanitary Commission.  The "Weary and the Wounded” highlights some of the truly remarkable documents and artifacts in the Liberty Hall Museum collection.  These include the letters of Christine Kean Griffin written during the Battle of Seven Pines/Fair Oaks – never before published or made available; invitations to Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Ball, newspapers announcing battles and the end of the war, mourning ribbons worn following his assassination, official maps of the War and other pieces compiled for the exhibit and now on display.  


April 9:  Kean Ocean Phi Alpha Theta Reception, 6PM
April 17:  Book Club Discussion, T111, 3:15PM
April 17:  Lecture, Timothy Snyder, Bloodlands, Kean Hall,                 7:30PM
April 19:  Phi Alpha Theta Initiation Reception, Carriage House,        7PM
April 24-25:  Kean University Research Days

Timothy Snyder, author of Bloodlands, to speak

Timothy Snyder, an extraordinary scholar and  professor of history at Yale University. The talk, entitled “Bloodlands: Europe Between Hitler and Stalin,” will explore the greatest moral and demographic catastrophe in the history of the West – the mass murder of some 14 million people between Berlin and Moscow in the years 1933-1945.  To read an excerpt of his book, Bloodlands:  Europe Between Hitler and Stalin, click here.  

Sponsored by the MA in Holocaust and Genocide Studies program, Jewish Studies Program, Department of History, Holocaust Resource Center, and Human Rights Institute. 

Upcoming MAHGS Events

MA in Holocaust and Genocide Studies

Global Response Week

April 17-25


Kean University’s Master of Arts in Holocaust and Genocide Studies is organizing a series of events during the week of April 17-25 in response to a political culture of assault. Meet graduate faculty, degree candidates, and others on the frontiers of scholarship during this week of learning and commemoration. All programs are free. For directions visit www.kean.edu/directions.html

MAHGS Information Session

April 17, 5-7 pm in Kean Hall, Conference Room 110

Start the week with this Information Session about the MA and Holocaust and Genocide Studies,
 one of Kean’s fastest growing graduate programs in a field that is defining human rights for the 21st century. If you are interested in joining an inspired graduate program that is taking a lead in responding to genocide in our troubled times, this session is for you.

Timothy Snyder Lecture

April 17, 7:30-9:00 pm in the Kean Hall Conference Center

Stay with us for a significant talk by Timothy Snyder, an extraordinary scholar and  professor of history at Yale University. The talk, entitled “Bloodlands: Europe Between Hitler and Stalin,” will explore the greatest moral and demographic catastrophe in the history of the West – the mass murder of some 14 million people between Berlin and Moscow in the years 1933-1945.

Sponsored by the MA in Holocaust and Genocide Studies program, Jewish Studies Program, Department of History, Holocaust Resource Center, and Human Rights Institute.

Holocaust Remembrance

April 18, 6:45-9:00 pm in Wilkins Theatre

Take a moment from your studies and other demands to reflect on those who lost their lives and on those who survived the Holocaust at this
annual Day of Holocaust Remembrance program and candle lighting ceremony. Sponsored by the Holocaust Resource Center. 

Faculty Seminar:  "When is War Just?"

April 23, 3:15-4:30 pm in Kean Hall Conference Center

Today and for the next two days join the conversation with Kean University faculty and students about the nature and limits of human conflict. This “roundtable,” the culmination of research and analysis that took place throughout the present academic year in the university’s Faculty Seminar, will explore the question, “When Is War Just?” Sponsored by the Faculty Seminar on Comparative Cultures.  

Research Day Panels on Genocide

April 24 (University Research Day I), 11 am-12 noon in STEM, 6th Floor

Spend an hour with MA in Holocaust and Genocide Studies graduate faculty Drs. Ruth Griffith, Sue Gronewold , Dennis Klein, and Jay Spaulding in their interrogation of the question, “Why Is It So Difficult to Define Genocide?”

April 25 (University Research Day II), 11:15 am-12:15 pm in STEM, Room 415

MA in Holocaust and Genocide Studies degree candidates Robert Venezia, Paul Friedman, and Rustin Finelle finish off the week with a panel of their own, also selected for University Research Days, on the topic “Exploring Different Genocides.” Included is an analysis of the little-known genocide in Bangladesh and the persistence of antisemitism in Poland after the Holocaust.

Kean University Research Days

The Kean University Research Days will be held on April 24 and 25, with your fellow students and faculty members presenting their work.  Make room in your schedule to attend!

April 24:  Kean Faculty Research Days

“Why Is It So Difficult to Define Genocide?,” Professors Ruth Griffith, Sue Gronewold, Dennis Klein, Jay Spaulding, STEM 6th floor, 11 AM

Abigail Perkiss, “The Making of Integrated Neighborhoods in Post-WWII America,” 6th Floor STEM, 1:15 PM

Jonathan Mercantini, “Christine Kean Griffin, Civil War Nurse and Administrator,” 6th Floor STEM, 2 PM

April 25:  Kean Student Research Days


William Barbieri, "The Alchemist's Book Collection"

Dara Berkey, "Erasmus and In Praise of Folly Ownership and Print History"


 “Is there such a thing as a just war?,”  Chair: Dr. Christopher Bellitto, 

    STEM 415, 10-11AM

           John LeStrange, The Haitian Revolution

           Ashley Paladino, The American Civil War

           Arkor Kolubah, The Six-Day War

 MAHGS Panel, “Exploring Different Genocides,” Rustin Finelle, Paul Friedman, Robert Venezia.


Additional resources for keeping track of all things history at Kean include our website, updated regularly, at http://www.kean.edu/~history, and our facebook page.  To locate the facebook page, go to facebook and search for "Kean History" or click on the following link: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Kean-University-History-Department/157431547631762 and be sure to "Like" us!  You will find information about history related events and activities at Kean and beyond.