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The Holocaust Resource Center of Kean University
To strengthen the conditions for a just and humane life in our society by collecting
and disseminating knowledge of the Holocaust. 
Photograph courtesy of USHMM Photo Archives

To commemorate and strengthen education about the Holocaust.

 "I do remember, in the later years we knew that we were not going to survive. It was sort of hopeless. That's what hurt more. After a while, the pain was not your survival; the pain was not a question of life. The pain was more, of the non-caring people in the outside world, that nobody really cared."

Morris I. Rubell, Survivor

"Though not all victims were Jews, all Jews were victims."

Elie Wiesel

"That day, when they killed my parents, they killed three thousand Jews. My father had to dig himself his grave. They put a board on top of the grave, and they were killing people. They took our jewelry, clothes, just naked men and women. They had a guy with a violin, with instruments, to play. This is what they did."

Susan Fleisher Schmelzer, Survivor