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 The Diversity Council is a partnership of member districts, both public and private, and the Kean University College of Education, dedicated to the active pursuit of human dignity, harmony, understanding and mutual support of issues dealing with diversity.


The mission of the Diversity Council is to foster the continued growth of active and compassionate individuals in order to reduce intolerance, harassment/intimidation, and social injustice. The Council provides professional development for educators and activities for students on multicultural and other diversity issues including bullying, Holocaust/genocide education, civil rights, and confronting human rights abuses.   The Diversity Council supports the active efforts of its members by providing courses, programs, resources, and professional development.

The activities to further these objectives shall be limited to those consistent with the nonprofit character of the Council and its status as a tax-exempt education and charitable organization.  In addition, the Council shall give due regard for geographic and minority group representation in all offices and on all committees.

The implementation of our goals would not be possible without the continuing support of the President of Kean University, Dr. Dawood Farahi.  His passion and vision in the service of human rights, diversity, and the active pursuit of human dignity continue to influence our endeavors.

"The nation's deepening ethnic texture, interracial tension and conflict, and the increasing percentage of students who speak a first language other than English, make multicultural education an imperative..."
- James Banks

"The American ideal of human rights and dignity still remains for many citizens of color a dream deferred..."
- Ronald Takaki


Stacy Schiller
Kean University Diversity Council
Phone: (908) 737-4633
Fax: (908)737-4664

Joy Prescott
Assistant to the Director
Kean University Diversity Council
Phone: (908) 737-4640
Fax:  (908)-737-4644