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Wenzhou University Exchange Program

Earn a full Kean semester's credits while studying in China at Wenzhou University in Wenzhou City!

The School

Wenzhou University (WZU) is a comprehensive university located in the beautiful and prosperous city of Wenzhou in Zhejiang Province.  Wenzhou is a coastal city in the south-eastern part of China. It is the economic and cultural center as well as the transportation hub of the southern region of Zhejiang province, with Shanghai and Hangzhou to its north, and Fujian and Guangdong to its south.

The Program

    This is an exchange program sponsored by the Asian Studies Department, the Center for International Studies, and Wenzhou University.  Kean students studying at Wenzhou will enroll in 14-17 credits during their stay on campus and choose from a variety of courses offered in Mandarin and English.  Mandarin language courses are required of all students in the program.  Students will also attend a course in the Culture and History of Modern China as well as select 1 to 2 other courses from a short list of courses in English.  Students will be housed in double rooms with Chinese roommates.