Getting Started


In addition to the counselors available at the Center for International Studies, below is a helpful guide to Study Abroad!

1. Research study abroad programs

If you have not done this already, visit our Countries Page. Programs are organized by region and academic programs. The programs differ in cost, academic course offerings, and housing options, so be sure to research the option that suits you best.

2. Meet with a Study Abroad advisor

Visit the Center for International Studies in CAS 121 to discuss preferences and interests, decide on an institution, and review the application requirements. Most students will be able to get their first choice of schools, but be sure to begin the application process early enough to meet deadlines.

3. Apply

On the Forms page, you'll find the necessary links. You may complete the online application or print out the PDF version and submit that to our offices. If you complete the online application, don't forget to sign and submit the additional documents. In addition to submitting the CIS Study Abroad Application, you must also apply to your decided upon program provider, i.e. AIFS, CCIS, CEA and ISA.

     The CIS application includes the application itself, your Personal Statement, Emergency Contact Information, a signed Statement of Authorization and Consent, and a signed Expectations of Kean University Study Abroad Program. Also, you must submit 2 recommendation forms completed by faculty and a print-out of your Kean University transcript (unofficial is OK).

4. After Acceptance

After your application is reviewed and accepted by CIS, you may proceed to the final steps of the process.

5. Seek Coursework Approval

Once you have decided on a program, visit that institution's web site in order to locate specific information about courses offered during the semester you will be abroad. If possible, print out these course descriptions. Schedule an appointment with your advisor to select 4-6 courses that meet your major, minor, concentration, or general education requirements. Your goal is to find courses you can take abroad that will fit into your Kean degree program.  Double majors should meet with BOTH of their advisors. All courses that you are approved to take abroad will transfer into your program.

CIS will need an Updated Curriculum Guide Sheet and a Request for Coursework at Another Institution form (this document is available at our offices) to indicate that your overseas coursework has been approved by Kean University.

6. See your Doctor

A completed Medical Evaluation Form must be signed by a physician before you are allowed to Study Abroad. It is not always necessary to visit your doctor, if he/she is willing to comment on your general health, your doctor may fax the completed form to 908-737-0348.

7. Financial Aid Meeting

If you're planning on using financial aid to help fund your experience, please complete and submit to CIS the Financial Aid Questionnaire and the Financial Aid Worksheet. You will need to schedule a meeting with a Financial Aid counselor. If you are not using financial aid, CIS requests that you submit in writing or via email a memo acknowledging that you will not require the assistance of financial aid.

8. Copy of Passport

If you do not have a passport already, apply for one. This site explains the process. Once you have your passport, please submit a copy to our offices. You may also find this document useful.

9. Copy of Visa

Some countries require visas. If your study abroad destination requires a visa, please obtain this document and submit a copy to the CIS offices.  Here is a helpful link to review which countries require visas:

Make sure to also review this information with your provider.

10. Proof of Overseas Medical Insurance Coverage

All Study Abroad students must have international health insurance.  Some programs include this insurance, and others offer it for an additional fee. If your program does not include this option, you can purchase insurance. Some useful sites are found on our Travel Resources page.

12. Submit Receipt of Administration Fee

This fee is non-refundable and should be made payable to Kean University. Please submit this form, along with payment, to Student Accounting Services located on the 3rd floor of the Administration Building.

13. Attend the Pre-Departure Meeting

You MUST attend a pre-departure orientation meeting in the fall or spring before your departure. Parents or other interested parties are also welcome to attend.