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Carol A. Goodman, Ed.D., C.T., Undergraduate Program Co-Coordinator

Undergraduate Program Co-Coordinator

Coordinator for American Sign Language Classes

Advisor: Freshmen, Sophomores, and Transfer Students (Undeclared Majors)

I came to Kean University in the Fall of 2001 while completing my doctoral work in Curriculum and Instruction at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Currently, I teach American Sign Language (ASL) for world language credit at the undergraduate level and two graduate level sign language courses specifically for Speech and Language Pathologists.  Because ASL is the primary language used by the Deaf Community in North America and many parts of Canada, native signers consider themselves a linguistic minority, rather than a disability group.  Therefore, this visual/manual language is offered through the Department of Communication Disorders and Deafness so emphasis can be placed on the community of native users – persons who are Deaf and hard of hearing.  Students learning ASL have an opportunity to interact with native users of the language both on and off campus when taking ASL courses at Kean University.

In addition to ASL courses, I also teach and supervise supplemental interpreting courses and activities.  Interpreting in the Arts, for example, is a course that allows students the opportunity to interpret excerpts from actual events, such as Open House or Graduation Ceremonies, where emphasis tends to be on musical and poetic interpretations. As Coordinator of the New Jersey Mentorship Program, I have developed a program for apprentice interpreters striving to enhance their interpreting skills in preparation for national certification.  Hopefully, Kean University will continue to serve a training facility for countless others in years to come.

I look forward to adding Language Development to my repertoire of upcoming classes I will be teaching here at Kean.  As a nationally certified ASL-English interpreter, I obviously love language and encourage my students to appreciate language in all its many facets while learning the intricacies of its form, structure, and meaning.  Much of my spare time is spent in bi-lingual/bi-cultural events and activities involving the Deaf Community.  I hope to share my enthusiasm with all the students who cross my path.

“No one cares how much you know…
                                     Until they know how much you care!”