B.A. Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences

School of Communication Disorders and Deafness

College of Education

B. A. Degree: Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences

The program in Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences is designed to provide students with a cohesive course sequence in the areas of basic science, social and behavioral sciences, regular and special education, humanities and communication sciences and disorders.  The expanded course work in psychology, linguistics and science also provides a strong background for pursuing careers in such fields as speech-language pathology, audiology, psychology, special education, social work, bilingual education, and allied health fields.

The majority of students in this major strive to become speech-language pathologists. The entry-level degree to work in this field is the master’s degree which is required to work in schools, hospitals, rehabilitation centers and private practice. Therefore, a primary goal of the bachelor’s degree program in Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences is to prepare students for successful admission into a graduate program in speech-language pathology or a doctoral program in audiology.  The curriculum focuses on the processes that underlie the typical development of speech, language and hearing.  It is only with a fundamental understanding of typical development that the knowledge and skills needed for identification, assessment and intervention for the atypical can arise.

Knowledge, Skills and Dispositions

Students serve as linguistic models for American Standard English and must be able to communicate effectively, including writing with proper grammar and speaking clearly.  (Note: Students with excellent communication skills who speak with an accent will be referred to our clinic for accent reduction.)

This program is primarily a day program with very few courses offered nights and weekends.  All CDD courses must be taken face-to-face.  Online sections are for post-baccalaureate and graduate students only.

Resident and transfer students may not take the upper level courses (junior 3000 level and senior 4000 level) all admission requirements are satisfied.

Admission Requirements

1)      complete the following courses with a grade of B- or better:


a.       CDD 2251 Introduction to Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences


b.      CDD 2254 Phonetics


c.       CDD 2255 Language Development


d.      CDD 2260 Anatomy and Physiology of the Ear & Speech Mechanism


The above courses are typically offered every semester including once during the summer. Keep in mind that the grades must be posted before they are considered completed.


2)      hold an over-all Grade Point Average (GPA) of  3.0 for all courses taken at Kean

This is a College of Education requirement for all undergraduates and does not guarantee acceptance into graduate school here at Kean or any other University.


3)      have successfully completed at least 45 hours of core coursework


4)      earn a passing score on the Praxis I exam (not the Praxis II which is required for certification).  Passing scores are:


Writing – 173;       Math – 174;       and Reading – 175.


Anyone interested in pursuing this as an undergraduate major are encouraged to contact:

Dr. Carol Goodman, Undergraduate Coordinator for Undeclared Majors

cgoodman@kean.edu   908-737-5806