Select Publications & Conferences


• The Secret History of the Jersey Devil: How Quakers, Hucksters, and Benjamin Franklin Created a Monster with Frank J. Esposito (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2018).

Searching for Sasquatch: Crackpots, Eggheads and Cryptozoology (Palgrave, 2011). Paperback edition

August 2013.

Pseudoscience: A Critical Encyclopedia (ABC-CLIO/Greenwood, October, 2009).

Icons of Evolution (Greenwood Press, January, 2008).

Human Evolution: A Guide to the Debates (ABC-CLIO: December, 2004).

Henry Fairfield Osborn, Race and the Search for the Origins of Man (London: Ashgate Press,

2002). Nominated for the 2003 History of Science Society, Pfizer Award. Winner of the Bela   

                Kornitzer Award for best book by a Drew University Alumnus for 2005.

Peer-Review articles

Richard Owen and the Sea-Serpent,” Endeavour 36:2 (June, 2012):65-68.
"Entering Dubious Realms: Grover Krantz, Science and Sasquatch" Annals of Science 66:1 January, 2009.
"Amateur versus Professional: The Search for Bigfoot" Endeavour 32:2 (June 2008):53-57.

“Maxwell Perkins and Madison Grant: Eugenics Publishing at Scribners,” Princeton University Library

Chronicle LXV: 2 (Winter, 2004):317-341.

Popular articles & essays

Review of Sharon Hill's 'Scientifical Americans,' Skeptical Inquirer (March/April, 2018):60-61.

• "The Monster of Newark," in Would You Believe it? Karen Stolznow (February 2017): 155-159.

• "The Occult life of Montague Summers," Fortean Times 349 (February 2017): 42-46.

• "The Jersey Devil: The Real Story," Skeptical Inquirer 57:6 (Nov/Dec, 2013):50-53.

Stealing Down the Road to Perdition,” Report, National Center for Science Education 30:1-2 (Jan-Apr, 2010):19-20.

"Were Have all the Werewolves Gone?" Fortean Times 259 (March 2010).

Review of Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort's anti-evolution board game
Intelligent Design Vs. Evolution. Endeavour, October 2008.
• A visit to the Creation Mega Conference - 2005
"Dem Ole Dry Bones," Fortean Times 202 (October 2005):57.

Scholarly Conferences

• 2018 - British Society for the History of Science (BSHS) Annual Conference, "Daniel Leeds: Thwarted Astrologer of Colonial America," University College London (UCL), UK, September.

• 2017 - British Society for the History of Science (BSHS) Annual Conference, "Darwin, Owen and the Use of the Monstrous," York University, UK, July.

• 2016 - Toys Through Time: The History of American Fun, "Super Detailed: The End of Model Kits as Toys," Liberty Hall Museum, February 17, Carriage House, Kean University.

• 2014 – NJ350 Forum, November, Kean University as part of 350th Anniversary of the founding of the state of New Jersey. “The Jersey Devil: A Political Animal.”

• 2013 – Annual History of Science Society Meeting, Boston, November, “Richard Owen and the End of Monster Studies.”

• 2013 – 11th Annual Monsters and the Monstrous Conference, Oxford University, UK, July, “The Jersey

Devil: a political animal.”

• 2012 – Literature/Film Association meeting, Border Visions: Borderlands in Film & Literature, Central

                Connecticut State University, October, presented paper, “Film Noir, But with Ants: Gangsters and


• 2011 – BSHS annual meeting, University of Exeter, UK, July, “Paracelsus to Darwin: the migration of


• 2009 – BSHS annual meeting, University of Leicester, UK, July, “Where Have all the Werewolves Gone?

Darwinian Evolution and the Image of the Monstrous.”

• 2009 – Medical History Society of New Jersey annual meeting, Princeton, NJ, May, “Aristotle’s

Masterpiece: of Midwives and Monsters in America.”

• 2008 – Three Societies Conference (HSS, BSHS, CSHPS) Oxford, UK. July, “Writing Letters about

Monsters: A Scientist responds to Fans.”

• 2007 – History of Science Society annual conference, Washington, DC, November, “Scientific Authority

in Dubious Realms: Grover Krantz and the Anomalous Primates.”

• 2007 – British Society for the History of Science, Manchester, UK, June, “Grover Krantz and the

Anomalous Primates.”

• 2006 – New York State History Conference, Columbia University, NY, “New York and the Origins of the

 Creation/Evolution  Debate.”

• 2006 – New England Historical Association meeting, Bridgewater, MA., “American Histories:

 Changing Views of American National Origins as taught in Schools and Colleges, 1800-1900.”

• 2003 – New England Historical Association meeting, Worchester, Mass., “Eggheads and Crackpots:

Congruencies in Mainstream and Fringe Theories of the Peopling of the Americas.”

• 2002- 2005 – Lecturer, New York Council for the Humanities

• 2001 - History of Science Society annual meeting, Denver, CO. “Racing Out of Central Asia: Henry

Fairfield Osborn and the Origins of Man.”

• 2001 – Max Planck Institute Summer Seminar for Human Origins, Berlin, Germany.

• 1999 - Developed and coordinated the Drew University International Conference on Eugenics;

               Eugenics Past and Present: Historic Perspectives & Current Discourse.

• 1999 - Popular Culture Symposium, Kentucky State University, “Moon Men and Cloister Women:

Hoaxes and Popular Culture.”