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Fall 2017 Meeting Dates:
  • Aug. 31st - Welcome to Kealing Magnet
  • Sept. 14th - Kealing 101 (student and parent issues, homework, grades, anxiety)
  • Sept. 28th - Meet the Counselors
  • Oct. 12th - Meet the Safety Officer and Nurse
  • Oct. 26th - TBD
  • Nov. 9th - High School Options
  • Dec. 14th - Kealing Magnet Behind The Scenes: A Talk with the Director
Spring 2018 Meeting Dates:
  • Jan. 11th - Social Studies -
  • Feb. 8th -  Mathematics and Foreign Language Department Presentations - Placement and Program Overviews
  • Mar. 8th - English Department Presentation - Program Overview
  • Apr. 12th - Year In Review; Call for Volunteers
  • May 17th - Open Meeting; 2018-19 Budget Discussion

NEXT KMAG MEETING - Welcome (Back) to Kealing! 
Thursday, August 31, 2017 7:30am 
KMS Library. 

Please join us the last Thursday in September to hear from the Magnet Director about developments affecting Kealing from the summer and goals for 2017-18!


To sign up as a volunteer for any of the KMAG Committees, or to Chair an Open position, please sign up here.