Below is the information regarding attendance for credit. All students are encouraged to maintain a tutorial log for use in the case that they need to recover credit due to absence.  The log is available for download below.

  1. Based on state policy, the only absences that count as excused and do not count against attendance for credit fall under the categories below: 
    • Medical Appointment (student attends school most of the day)
    • Holy Day as designated by the district (The form is available for download below)
    • Court Appearance
    • Citizenship
    • Naturalization
    • College Visit (high school)
    • Playing Taps at a military event
    • Board Approved Excused Absence
    • School-related (UIL, Field Trip, ISS, Testing, Other campus event)You will see an asterisk on the report card next to the number of absences if your student has attendance below 90% in a course.  We will communicate with students who need to recover credit about next steps.  This information will be sent home.
  1. Students who have attendance below 75% will be discussed by the attendance committee to determine a plan for credit recovery. 
  2. If you expect your student to have an extended absence of more than one week, please communicate with your student's counselor so that we can develop a plan proactively.
  3. The number of absences that it takes to fall below 90% depends on whether it's an A or B day course and whether it's a semester or year-long course.  Below are the maximum numbers of days before students fall below 90% attendance.
    • Fall Semester A Day Courses: 4 Days Maximum 
    • Fall Semester B Day Courses: 3 Days Maximum
    • Spring Semester A or B Day Courses: 4 Days Maximum
    • Year Long A Day Courses: 8 Days Maximum
    • Year Long B Day Courses: 8 Days Maximum
Download the Illness Coding document below to see how illnesses impact your student's attendance record, course credit, and school funding. Please contact Ms. Nwosu, the Kealing attendance specialist, for questions regarding your student's attendance.
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