More Example Photos of Some Of KC's New Innovations & Technologies

Contact for more info. Though we do not own any of these companies, we are helping individuals and companies take advantage of the tremendous opportunities these leading edge technologies offer...or even become part of the growth and/or ownership.

*Big Data Analytics help available on request.

for the American

Public Phone Charging Stations located at Livestrong Sporting Park.  Complete with media display.

Major League Baseball stadiums are also utilizing this.

Simple Monster Headphone displays that were part of a larger interactive design project involving Beats by Dr. Dre and national retail outlets.  Every aspect of design, engineering, production, and even printing & packaging housed at one KC location.  Below is part of the environment design work.

And the Micro-technology work is incredible - everything from Exotic Die Attach to Smart Power and Technology Transfer to Quantum Fingerprint Sensors & Electronic Vapor Sniffing Technology

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