Contributor Guidelines

Last updated September 12, 2012

KC Stage Magazine is the most comprehensive resource of performing arts for the Kansas City metro area, covering theatre, dance, music, and independent film. The monthly print magazine and website provides complete show listings, auditions, local arts news, special events, and insightful articles on local talent, arts education, history, stagecraft, and trends and politics in the performance and film industry.


It promotes the arts as well as the Kansas City region. With over 200 arts organizations listing auditions, performances, and other events, we range from Lawrence to Warrensburg, and include every level of expertise from educational to professional.


The circulation is primarily people involved (both professionally and as a volunteer) in the performing arts, whether as a performer, back stage, or administrative role. Sample copies are available on our website in PDF format.



Deadline is the tenth of the prior month (i.e., May's deadline is April 10). Articles that are generic ('how-to' articles, opinion pieces, product reviews, etc.) should be written for publication at any time. Articles accepted for publication may be held for later publication. KC Stage will attempt to notify the author in the event this situation occurs. Submit all final items to: afiedler AT



Photo and artwork submissions are handled on a case-by-case basis - please query if interested. In order to be at a quality for printing in the magazine, the photo needs to be at a resolution of 300 dots-per-inch and at least 400 pixels wide (for non-tech savvy people, the file should be larger than 200KB when sending). The photo must also be in jpg or tiff format. Please include a description of who's in the photo. If you are providing a photo along with your article and you are not the photographer, please provide the name of the photographer. Note that we must have permission of the photographer to re-print the photo.



Please submit your articles in MS Word or RTF format, and please don't include any special formatting or styles. For the most part, we follow the AP Style Guide. We do have a separate Style Guide with tips on formatting your article: please look through these before submitting. You can turn off special formatting/styles in MS Word.

At the top of your article, include the title (if a spotlight, it's just "Spotlight on PERSON") and a byline ("by Angie Fiedler") so we know how you want your name listed. At the end of the article, please include a one to two sentence bio describing who you are and/or your qualifications. However, this may be edited or deleted for space. 

Word Length

Suggested word length is between 500 - 1,000 words. Spotlights should be a minimum of 1,000 words. However, we would rather have an article that's well-written regardless of the length, rather than one that's fluffed (or edited) to match. The focus should always be on thoroughly covering the topic using as many words as that entails, rather than fitting into a specific word length. Submitted articles may be further edited by the magazine staff.


Picking a topic

Topics should be related to the local arts community, independent film, or live performances including theatre, music, and dance. It can be an interview, research, humor, opinion, "how-to", product/service review, or general news piece. Local is defined as the Kansas City metro area, including Lawrence and Topeka. These are true 'guidelines' - ask if you want to do something that seems to be 'out of bounds'.


The main guideline is that the article is newsworthy, and not overtly promotional for a specific company or production. If a company wants to advertise, they can purchase advertising with us.


There is a KC Stage Contributor e-mail list for regular idea generation, where the staff sends out potential story ideas and shows looking for reviewers, and anyone interested in following through can. (You must qualify to be an official reviewer. See this section for more info on that.) Use the Contact form if you are interested in joining this list, and take the Contributor's Questionnaire.



Spotlights are assigned on a month-by-month basis. We try to alternate between male and female spotlights, and strongly encourage that the spotlight be someone local who is involved in a project during the month of publication (on or off stage). If interested in writing a spotlight, see our Spotlight Guide on writing them, which includes suggested questions/topics.


Compensation & Rights

Compensation is one (1) copy of the issue the item appears in (additional copies can be purchased). Starting in January 2011, every printed contribution also entitles the contributor to 1/8th page of advertising credit in KC Stage to be used in any way (to promote yourself or a favorite organization). (Right now, you get $50 worth of advertising credit.) Advertising rates are available online or by request. You have up to two years from publication of your item to utilize this advertising credit, and it is up to you to follow up on this.


Reimbursement for expenses can be negotiated on a case-by-case basis if the article involves the payment of tickets or fees, such as for conferences or workshops. Approval must be obtained and confirmed prior to attending, otherwise KC Stage is not liable for any expense incurred by the author.


The original creator has full rights to re-sell their material subsequent to its publication in KC Stage, as long as the item is referenced as being published in KC Stage Magazine. KC Stage also retains the right to utilize the item for marketing and archival use.