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Alexandria Researcher
(at school only)
Use this link to look up books that we have here in the Ivy Hall Learning Center when you are in school. 
Alexandria Researcher from Home
(home link)
Use this link to look up books that we have here in the Ivy Hall Learning Center when you are at home. 

Follett Shelf
Follett Shelf is a collection of online eBooks that we have purchased for Ivy Hall students. The eBooks and databases that are fun to read. Check them out! I guarantee you will learn some cool stuff!
Your Ivy Hall user name and password will get you onto the site!
PebbleGo is a really cool way to find out about Animals, Earth & Space, Biographies, and Social Studies. This site is geared for our younger students. You will find lots of great things to learn about when you go exploring on this site!
Lots of cool books to read here on the Raz-Kids site. You will have to use your user name and password to read the books here. Have fun!


World Book Online

World Book online encyclopedia is a great resource when doing any type of research. 


PowerKnowledge Earth & Space Science is an online resource specifically designed for learners in grades 3 to 6.  PowerKnowledge Earth & Space Science is a great resource for research, reports, and homework help. 


If you are into science and want to know about things like atoms and molecules, or energy and matter, or even how to keep our planet green and clean, you are in the right place. 

Students who love animals, plants and our environment come to this site all the time. Here is where you can find out about things like endangered species, habitats and ecosystems and even the human body!


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