Jing is a free screen recording program made by TechSmith.  It has been installed on your computers at school. To install it at home follow this link.
You will be using your school email to create a Jing/Screencast account.  When you first turn on your computer please register and log in.

This project has 2 parts. 

Screen Shot

1. Create a screen shot with 10 items labeled and explained along with your name.  You can choose a screen shot of movie maker, Picasa, Any of the Google Apps, or Photoshop.  

2. To turn this part in save the finished image to your S:// drive and then load onto a new page on your website called Jing.

Informational Video

1. Min 3 min - Max 5 min long

2.  Pick a topic-  one of the following procedures
  •     How to edit a photo in Picasa :crop, black and white and add text.
  •     How to create a line graph in Excel and embed it into a word document.
  •     How to create a 4 picture movie in Movie maker with effects and a title page
  •     How to Setup and create a google calendar with 3 different types of events on it.
  •     How to create and edit a collage in Picasa.
  •     How to create a 3 screen powerpoint in Google Docs with style
  •     How to set up and manage google bookmarks
  •     How to create a 3 questions survey using Google forms, launch it and see the data.
  •     How to embed a video into a powerpoint presentation.
  •     How to embed a google map into a word document. Address for MHS.
  •     How to create a 2 page site in google sites.
  •     How to create and save a word document in Open Office.Saved as word and rtf.
  •     How to put sound and voice into powerpoints
  •     Something else you would like to explain - must be approved by Mrs. Nickerson

3. Practice! Audio and Visual.
4. Open Jing and record your video with audio. Save to your s:// drive. Name it something that includes your name and a description of what the video is about.
6. To turn the movie in go to the sidebar item called Screencast for instructions. You will be embedding it onto your Jing webpage after you load it up online to your Screencast account.

Note: To open the movies you've already made you will need to right click on it,  choose select from a list to open - choose Internet Explorer.