- Extra Credit - 20 points

1. Create two review games for classes that you have.

2. Game should be appropriate for school.
3. Copy embed code and put game into your projects page.
4. Bring a note from a teacher that you showed them your review game online and how to use it.
5. You should also save the game into the teachers shared folder on the S:// drive.
6. This project is worth 20 points - 10 for each game.  The majority of the points will
be awarded by the teacher who you do the games for.
7. At the bottom of this page is the FORM for the teacher to complete. Select File and edit with Microsoft Word and save to your H drive.  Type in what is required and print off. Take to your two teachers for evaluation of your class game. teacher form

Here is the link to the teacher form for
You can download it and print.