Welcome to the Mazama High School Biology Webpage. This webpage is for Mrs. Nickerson's Biology Classes.   On this site you can find Learning Objectives for each unit, Notes for Biology class, Alignment Goals with Oregon Science Standards as well as all of the the Quiz Review assignments to prepare for retakes on your Proficiency Quizzes. There is also a class calendar so you can see what's happening in class.

Proficiency Classroom
Students this year will be expected to show proficiency for state standards in Biology and Science Concepts.  Students will be given  proficiency quizzes for each unit.  Students must master a topic at 70% in order to pass a quiz.  All scores lower will result in students retaking quizzes until they meet proficiency.  
The proficiency quizzes, labs and projects will be weighted to 90% of their overall grade in Biology.  A final exam will be given at the end of each semester for a weight of 10% of their overall grade. Any other classwork, science notebook, practice homework and assignments will be graded but not scored. Please note that until a student shows proficiency in a unit the grade book will reflect a score of  0.  
In order for students to retake a quiz they must show that they have studied/practiced the concepts that they were struggling with.  This site contains Quiz Reviews that students are expected to complete before they are eligible to retake a quiz.  Mrs. Nickerson is available for additional help during tutorial 3 days per week.  When students bring a completed Quiz Review they are eligible to retake a proficiency quiz during Tutorial. All proficiency quizes must be completed within the semester they are assigned.  
Notes and Learning objectives can be found under Units, Standards and Quiz Reviews.  The Class Calendar is kept upto date so you can see whats coming up or what you missed.  Become a fan of the Facebook page and sign up for the text message reminders.  Remember your grades are your responsibility. See me if you are unable to log into eschool.