Gilchrist Grizzlies Athletic Homepage 2018-2019



                                    WRESTLING SCHEDULE



                                DAY                       DATE                     OPPONENT                                  SITE                               TIME                                DEPART


                                SATURDAY         DEC 1                    OFFICIALS CLASSIC               BEND HIGH SCHOOL8:00 AM                TBA


                                FRIDAY                DEC 7                    CULVER                                       CULVER                       TBA                        TBA


                                SATURDAY         DEC 8                    CULVER                                       CULVER                       TBA                        TBA


                                FRIDAY                DEC 21                  ADRIAN IRWIN                         RIDGEVIEW               11:00 AM               TBA


                                SATURDAY         DEC 22                  ADRIAN IRWIN                         RIDGEVIEW               9:00 AM                 TBA


                                SATURDAY         JAN 5                     NORTH LAKE                             NORTH LAKE             10:00 AM               TBA


                                FRIDAY                JAN 11                   HIGH DESERT CLASSIC         MAZAMA                     TBA                        TBA


                                SATURDAY         JAN 12                   HIGH DESERT CLASSIC         MAZAMA                     TBA                        TBA


                                SATURDAY         JAN 19                   BONANZA                                    BONANZA                    TBA                        TBA


                                SATURDAY         JAN 26                   1A STATE                                     NORTH LAKE             8:00 AM                 TBA


                                THURSDAY         JAN 31                   GILCHRIST TOURNAMENT  GILCHRIST                 4:00 PM                  TBA


                                SATURDAY         FEB 2                     LAKEVIEW                                 LAKEVIEW                 TBA                        TBA


                                SATURDAY         FEB 16                   DISTRICT                                    ROGUE RIVER           TBA                        TBA


                                FRIDAY                FEB 22                   STATE                                           PORTLAND                 TBA                        TBA


                                SATURDAY         FEB 23                   STATE                                           PORTLAND                 TBA                        TBA                               







                                PRINCIPAL: STEVE PROCK          HEAD COACH:  JONNY HEITZMAN



                                ATHLETIC DIRECTOR:           JAMES ANDING


                                SCHOOL PH:       (541) 433-2295

                                SCHOOL FAX:    (541) 433-2688



Grizzly Wrestling Tournament

Gilchrist High School

January 31st  2019

Entry Fee: $10 per wrestler

Weigh in: 3:00 pm

Wrestling: 4:00 pm


Awards: 1st place medals


Contact: James Anding

                                    Contact: Jonny Heitzman

                                                            GILCHRIST HIGH SCHOOL

2018- 2019


DAY                        DATE                      LEVEL                    OPPONENT                                     SITE                                TIME                                DEPART

FRIDAY                  NOV 30                   V-G                         GILCHRIST TOURNAMENT          GILCHRIST                    


SATURDAY            DEC 1                      V-G                         GILCHRIST TOURNAMENT          GILCHRIST                     12:00 NOON           N/A


                               WEDNESDAY         DEC 5                      V-G                         NORTH LAKE                                GILCHRIST                     5:00 PM                   N/A                               


FRIDAY                  DEC 7                      V-G                         GILCHRIST TOURNAMENT          GILCHRIST                     /BOYS                    


SATURDAY            DEC 8                      V-G                         GILCHRIST TOURNAMENT          GILCHRIST                     12:00 NOON           N/A


        WEDNESDAY         DEC 12                    V-G                         PROSPECT                                      PROSPECT                      5:30 PM                   2:30 PM


                                 FRIDAY                  DEC 14                    V-G                         CENTRAL CHRISTIAN                  REDMOND                     6:00 PM                   3:15 PM                          


THURSDAY            JAN 3                      V-G                         RVAA                                              GILCHRIST                     4:00 PM                   N/A


SATURDAY            JAN 5                      V-G                         TRIAD                                             TRIAD                             2:00 PM                   11:30 AM


TUESDAY               JAN 8                      V-G                         CHILOQUIN                                   GILCHRIST                     4:00 PM                   N/A


                              FRIDAY                  JAN 11                    V-G                         PAISLEY                                         GILCHRIST                     4:00 PM                   N/A                               


                       SATURDAY            JAN 12                    V-G                         HOSANNA                                      HOSANNA                      2:30 PM                   12:00 NOON


FRIDAY                  JAN 18                    V-G                         PROSPECT                                      GILCHRIST                     4:00 PM                   N/A


SATURDAY            JAN 19                    V-G                         TRINITY                                         TRINITY                         3:00 PM                   1:00 PM


TUESDAY               JAN 22                    V-G                         TRIAD                                             GILCHRIST                     4:00 PM                   N/A


FRIDAY                  JAN 25                    V-G                         NORTH LAKE                                NORTH LAKE                5:00 PM                   3:00 PM


SATURDAY            JAN 26                    V-G                         CENTRAL CHRISTIAN                  GILCHRIST                     2:00 PM                   N/A


TUESDAY               JAN 29                    V-G                         CHILOQUIN                                   CHILOQUIN                   5:30 PM                   3:30 PM


THURSDAY            JAN 31                    V-G                         RVAA                                              RVAA                              5:00 PM                   TBA


FRIDAY                  FEB 8                      V-G                         PAISLEY                                         PAISLEY                         5:00 PM                   2:00 PM


SATURDAY            FEB 9                      V-G                         TRINITY                                         GILCHRIST                     2:00 PM                   N/A


TUESDAY               FEB 12                    V-G                         HOSANNA                                      GILCHRIST                     5:30 PM                   N/A


FRIDAY                  FEB 15                    V-G                         PLAY IN GAME                             TBA                                 TBA                         TBA


TUESDAY               FEB 19                    V                             STATE PLAY IN GAME                 TBA                                 TBA                         TBA


WEDNESDAY         FEB 20                    V                             STATE PLAY IN GAME                 TBA                                 TBA                         TBA


SATURDAY            FEB 23                    V             STATE PLAY IN GAME         TBA         TBA          


  Sports physicals must be completed using the OSAA School Sports Pre-Participation Examination form.  ALL incoming 9th and 11th graders will need a new sports physical dated after May 1st, as well as a student in any grade who does not yet have one on file.

Fees are due before the first contest.

Athletes will be assessed a $100 fee per sport to participate in district-funded and approved programs.

There will be a cap of $400 per family for each school year for participation fees. 

All fees and waivers are due before the first contest. 

Eligibility Facts

  • The OSAA requires you to be enrolled in and passing no less than 5 classes. This includes the current semester and the semester prior to season.  
  • The OSAA requires you to be on track to graduate. 
     Klamath County Schools requires a 2.0 G.P.A.  Athletes participating in KCSD athletics must maintain at least a 2.00 grade point average (GPA) and have no failing grades.


Gilchrist School

Principal: Steve Prock

Athletic Director: James Anding

Football: Rick West

Volleyball: Candice Roseberry

Girls Basketball: Jason Dornhecker

Wrestling: Jonny Heitzman

Track: James Anding

P.O. Box 668

201 Mountain View Drive

Gilchrist , OR 97737

Phone: 541-433-2295

Fax: 541-433-2688




James Anding Athletic Director






Middle School Volleyball