Excel Skills

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Microsoft Excel is an extraordinary tool, but many of us only tap into a tiny fraction of its ability. Below you will find a series of resources that you can access on an as needed basis. Do not be concerned if you need to return to these resources on a regular basis, many of the best Excel tricks are complicated but can be easily achieved with a little help.

Pivot Tables

Use this link to view a short screen cast explaining how to read and manipulate pivot tables.

Straight to the Source

The "Help Tab" is built directly into the Excel Ribbon and is a great first place to check for instant help. Most of the objects on the Help Tab are specific links to content on Microsoft's website. If the Help tab is not installed on your computer you can download it here.

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Other amazing resources found on Microsoft's website are:

Excel Skill Builders video series - Learn various excel activities in a set of four online video series.

Excel 2007 Help and How-to - A glossary style list of excel functions.

Office Templates - Download some very cool Excel spreadsheets from this online repository.

Ribbon Hero - Learning how to use Excel is now a game!!! Once installed, the game can be access from a tab in Excel's Ribbon. Loving this Ribbon thing? Try Ribbon Hero 2 and become a Microsoft Office Rock Star!!

Other Excel ResourcesExcel 2007 in Pictures - Tutorials based on pictures, not words.Quick Reference Card - A printable guide with the most commonly used Excel commands.

http://Woopid.com is a website that hosts hundreds of free video tutorials on dozens of cumputer related topics. Listed below is a link to their Excel tutorials. You may also want to check out some their tutorials on other subjects too.