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Set up a social bookmarking website at Diigo to bookmark sites of interest as you complete this activity.

Module Activity

Keep a Journal on your findings from this module. Don't forget to bookmark websites of interest that you may wish to return to in the future.

What is Telecollaboration?

What are the typs of Telecollaborative Projects?


Your Principal is interested in the students at your school collaborating with other students around the world. He has asked you to discover ways to use the Internet to collaborate with other teachers and students in areas that fit into your curriculum. Use your journal notes and resources collected from the Module Activity above to complete this task.

Come up with an option for an online collaborative project that you can integrate into your curriculum.


  1. Think of a concept that you teach that students have trouble learning.
  2. Find a collaborative project that would assist students with learning this difficult concept.
  3. Visit at least five Resource websites below. As you visit them consider:
    1. How do these projects or websites assist students' learning?
    2. How do these projects address content that you teach?
    3. What other skills (in addition to content) will students develop using these resources?
  4. Synthesize your information to justify your project to the principal. Be sure to include a description of the project, a timeline, an overview about how the project will be implemented, and how the project will be evaluated. Email your Telecollaboration Journal and Project Proposal to the Technology Director to receive credit for completing this unit.
  5. Resources

    CIESE - Science Collaboration
    Education World - Collaborative Projects sorted by Discipline Areas
    iEarn - Collaboration Center
    Global Schoolhouse - Database of online projects
    Journey North - annual tracking of spring
    Inclusion (QTMovie) - teaching from a distance
    NASA - online space quests
    Virtual Architect - curriculum based telecollaboration projects

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