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  • Obtain a USB headset that includes a microphone from your technology facilitator.
  • Make sure Audacity software is working on your laptop.
  • Download the How to Podcast handout for reference during this activity.
  • Download the Podcast Planning sheet to have on hand when you facilitate classroom podcasts.

Module Activities

1. Do some research.  Read these explanations of Podcasting:

2. Summarize what you've read.  Be sure to answer the question, "What is a Podcast?" in your answer.

3. Listen to some examples of podcasts:

  • Learning in Hand
  • iTunes - open your iTunes software on your laptop and locate the podcast category. I recommend TedTalks or something in your curriculum area.

4. Create your own podcast:


Use the Podcast planning sheet in the 'How to Podcast" handout to design a curriculum lesson that includes in a podcasting activity for your students. 
Send a copy of this lesson and a sample Podcast to the Technology Director to earn credit for this unit.

Additional Resources

GabCast - Record by phone (great if you don't have a headset available!)
Posterous - for posting quickly from your cell phone

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