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Movie Maker


  • Locate Windows Movie Maker (WMM) on your computer
  • Download the WMM handout for reference
  • Check out a Flip Video camera from your media center

Module Activity

Windows Movie Maker is a video editing program which is included free as part of the Windows operating system.  Using this program you can capture, edit, and produce professional looking video productions complete with titles, background music, and video effects. 

1. Capture several video clips using the Flip Video (or other) digital video camera.
2. Import your video clips into Movie Maker
3. Create or find several stock photos that will enhance your video and import them
4. Edit at least one clip by trimming or splitting the clip
5. Add transitions
6. Create an audio narration for your video
7. Add a title slide at the beginning and a credits slide at the end
8. Save your video as "exporting it to the web" format.

Post Activity

  1. Email a copy of your completed video to the Technology Director to receive credit for this unit.
  2. Return the Flip video camera to the media center

Additional Resource

For additional practice, eBistro (a professional development website) has a Movie Maker curriculum unit with an attached evaluation/rubric.

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