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Impact Movies

Videos used in original workshops:
  1. Team Work Movie  - count the number of times the white team passes the ball.  Write it down then finish the movie. (Archer)
  2. A Vision of K-12 Students Today - Student opinions about learning
  3. Paper-Trained Teachers - humorous look at a typical school day (Archer)
  4. Fairly Use Tale - Copyright and Fair Use Explanation  (Thursday - lunch)
  5. A View of 21st Century Learners
  6. The Machine is Us/ing Us - Cliff
2011 More Selected Videos:
  1. Rethinking Education
  2. Digital World:  Teachers Today (Monday - McCombs)
  3. You can't be my teacher!-  (Tuesday - Burgess)
  4. Did You Know 4.0 (Rachael -Tuesday 19th)
  5. Engage Me! (Lindsay - Wednesday 20th)
  6. Inside Google  (Josh)