Mr. Johnson: Captain Am"erik"a

By day...Picture        And by night...          
For those who do not know, my name is Erik Johnson.  I am originally from Pewaukee, Wisconsin - I'm sure you've heard of it! ;)  I attended Ripon College, where I was fortunate to play soccer, basketball, and football.  Before moving to North Carolina, I taught 5th grade for three years.

I moved to the Charlotte area in 2006 - and have no plans to move back - EVER!  I love the weather out here; the hotter, the better!  I cannot believe it took me so long to leave the long cold winters we have back home.  Currently, I teach 6th grade math and science at KIS. I have my master's degree in Educational Leadership and plan on becoming a principal sometime soon!  In my spare time I like to workout and play sports.  I play competitive flag football on a team from Charlotte, called Da Show, and we are currently ranked 6th in the whole country!  I also play in a competitive soccer league every spring and fall.

My wife, Ali, and I have been married for two years now.  Right now, we live in Kannapolis, but recently started building our dream house in Concord!  She currently drives to Wake Forest everyday to complete her fellowship in rheumatology.  Previously, she worked at Stanly Regional Medical Center in Albemarle as an internal medicine hospitalist.  She is the most amazing person I have ever met (aside from myself, of course!)  Together, we have four boys who are the joy of our lives!  Everything we do is centered around them - they are extremely spoiled.  They never talk back (unlike some students :P), and sometimes, we leave them home without supervision!  They love going to our land to play and run, as well as going swimming during the hot summer days.  In case you haven't guessed, our "boys" are dogs!  We have Riley, a chocolate lab, Cal, a golden retriever, Auggie, a German short-haired pointer, and Winston, a white boxer. 

Here are some random favorites, and non-favorites of mine:

                                                                                   Favorites                                                               "Not-So" Favorites

Food:                                              Ribeye steak w/mashed potatoes                                   White meat (chicken/turkey/pork)

Drink:                                                         Monster Energy drink                                                                  Water

Professional Team:                                  Green Bay Packers/Milwaukee Brewers                       Minnesota Vikings & Chicago Bears

College Team:                              University of Wisconsin Badgers                                           Michigan & Ohio State

Music:                                                                   Country                                                                      Classical & Techno

Wrestler:                                              Ultimate Warrior (old school)                                          Macho Man Randy Savage

Vacation Destination:                           Anywhere hot with a pool                                                        Snowy places :(

Movies:                                           Rambo, 300, Transformers I and II                                                   Chick flicks 

Pet Peeves: People who drive under the speed limit; People who make excuses.
Why did I become a teacher: To be a positive role model and inspire kids to do their best at EVERYTHING they do - no matter what!  Plus, it beats sitting a desk from 9-5 everday!

Favorite Quotes:  If you're going to do something, do it right!
                               Life is like a sled dog team... If you're not the lead dog, the scenery never changes!