Faux Cloisonne Workshop


Saturday, May 10 - KCPCG's first ever guild-sponsored workshop featured artist Eugena Topina. Eugena taught us her technique for creating faux cloisonne. She brought a page of prepared heart designs for us to use as patterns, but encouraged us to use our own designs. See the resulting pieces at right.

Pendants were not completed in class, but Eugena demonstrated her complete process. We were all able to begin at least one piece which we can complete at home. Some of our more prolific artists actually got 2 or 3 pieces started. View ALL photos from the class here.  Check out Eugena's blog, where she has posted photos she took of us.


Alice Clayton and Pam MacNaughton

Deb Williams and Sue Ellen Flescher

Anne Rowe and Lynette Fisk

Donna Hess and Rianna




Janet Silke-Skoval and Mary DeWerff

Robin Young and Kim Keane

Jen and Jason Stangle

Debbie Updegraff and Linn Fowler

Michelle Wineland 






















Instructor Eugena Topina

Eugena's website

Miss the class but want to learn? Check out Eugena's online tutorials here.

Unfinished pendants created by workshop participants:

Mary DeWerff 

Deb Williams

Anne Rowe

Fritz Buster


Donna Hess

Robin Young

Jenn Stangle

Michelle Wineland

Pam MacNaughton

Jenn Stangle

Linn Fowler

Jason Stangle

Kim Keane

Janet Silke-Skoval

Lynette Fisk

Debbie Updegraff

Pam MacNaughton

Sue Ellen Flescher