FlipCon 2016

Dear All, 

I want to thank you all for coming! It was a pleasure collaborating with so many talented Educators willing and wanting to challenge the frontier of Education. In the coming days, I hope to unpack this conference with tips, notes, tutorials, and applications across all the various platforms used.

Many of you have reached out in regards to Jon Bergmann's Keynote *attached below* and he has so generously agreed to share that resource with all of you, but please remember to cite Jon in courtesy. All of your feedback, questions, and comments have been absolutely tremendous. 

If there is anything that I have missed or things that you would like to share or see please contact me! 

Happy Flipping & Networking!    

Leo        leolin@kcis.com.tw 

KCIS FlipCon 2016

FlipConTaipei 2016 KEYNOTE - Jon Bergmann