About Us

Kibera Community Empowerment Organisation (KCEO)

Kibera Community Empowerment Organisation (KCEO) is an independent community based organization , committed to empower community in Kibera Slums in Nairobi capital city of Kenya to take active responsibility for their lives to shape the future of their destiny through doing it for themselves and to themselves. KCEO achieves this though capacity building, resource mobilisation , advocacy , lobbying for change in all aspects of human life : social, economic , spiritual , political and physical.  Access to education , and creation of linkages leading at poverty reduction , financial freedom , skills desermination , and social justice.

Mission & Vision

Our Mission→ To provide a platform through which Kibera slum Community can explore and share skills innate abilities towards sustainable growth and development on a foundation of independence, equity, justice, self reliance and a harmonized peaceful society.

Our Vision → To create a free just and equitable society where communities are able to identify their most felt needs and then translate their aspirations and potential into a productive and fulfilling life. 

Core Values

üSustainability of Community Development

ü People centered approach

ü  Equality and non-discrimination

ü  Participation and involvement

ü  Respect for Democratic values

ü  Uniqueness of young people with respect to needs, access and control of resources

ü  Unique insights, understanding and capabilities that resides within communities

ü  Liberation from existing injustices

Strategic Objectives

ØTo acknowledge peoples strength to bring about positive change in their lives

Ø  To enhance a harmonized peaceful society

Ø  To empower the community

Ø  Leadership in learning and innovation in human rights and democratic development

Ø  To instill health and sexual education to the community

Ø  To create access to education to bright needy students

Ø  To ensure a healthy environment

Ø  To advocate for the rights of the disables members of the community

Objective Achievement Strategy

Ø Community mobilization , involvement and participation to build their capacity

Ø Collaboration with both local and international organization 

Ø Resource mobilization strategies; proposals, charity, campaigns, negotiations

Ø Initiating an organizational income generating activities to raise funds for projects