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Who We Are

We are a group of concerned citizens who identify and assess the substance abuse prevention and safety needs of children, youth, adults, and families in an ongoing process.  Focusing on service alignment,  KCCN  develops, maintains, and carries out a plan to address these needs.  We coordinate with all sectors of the community to plan, implement, and evaluate evidence-based strategies to prevent substance abuse.  The KCCN accomplishes our goals by enhancing protective factors and reducing risk factors, while implementing strategies that encompasses the seven strategies of community change.  In our work we incorporate the latest NEAR science (Neuroscience, epigenetics, ACEs, and resiliency).

Our History

KCCN began in December 1994 as a Network Board, in response to the Youth Violence Reduction Act, to assess at the local level issues around problem behaviors effecting children, youth, and families in the community.  Since that time, the community has identified substance use and abuse and mental health as issues significantly impacting the health and safety of the community.

Our Future

Depends on you getting involved!

Our Support Staff

Ann Riley

Ann Riley is the Director of the Kittitas County Community Network. Ann has worked in Ellensburg for the last 20 years in both public health and substance abuse prevention. She has a BS in Community Health Education and an MS in Organizational Development. Ann believes that community building is an essential part of improving health and wellness within our community. When it comes to substance abuse and other complex health and social issues, working together is the only way we can hope to improve outcomes for our children. Ann lives in Ellensburg with her family.

 Jessika Roe

Jessika Roe began working for the Kittitas County Community Network in 2006 as the Safe Kids Grant Coordinator. Over the past ten years she has worked to prevent underage drinking and youth drug use through implementation of the Enforcing Underage Drinking Laws (EUDL) Grant, Reducing Underage Drinking (RUaD) Grant, Drug Free Communities (DFC). Jessika is currently the Coalition Coordinator for the Cascade Prevention Coalition in Upper Kittitas County and Grant Coordinator for The Sober Truth on Preventing Underage Drinking (STOP) Act Grant.

For More Information Call: 509-962-9775