Algebra 1

You can view our agenda for the week in the attached file. 

Classroom Rules:

Be RESPECTFUL to yourself, others, and property.



Assignment Policy

All assignments must be written in pencil.

Show all work and box answers.

The student is responsible for getting their make-up or missing work.

Homework Policy

Homework will be due on Thursdays.  If the assignment is not turned in by the end of the day, it will be considered late and will receive a 70 at best if turned in on Friday.  If the assignment is not turned in on Friday, they will be referred to the office for a working lunch.


Extra Credit Policy

·        When the Student Information Sheet is turned in, your child will get a 100.

·        Every term I will send a progress report home to be signed, which will also be recorded as a 100 when it is returned.

·        If a student struggles on an assignment, they can attend tutorials to correct it and get up to half of their points back.


Grading Policy

Daily grade average accounts for 50% of the final average.

Test grade average accounts for 50% of the final average.

Students can correct failing daily and test grades for partial credit within a week of their original due date.



All students are encouraged to attend.

Tutorials are after school Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

Mornings may be arranged.

This time may be used to get extra help, correct work, or make up work.

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