Core Competencies and Services
Disaster, resilience and continuity of operations planning for businesses, organizations, communities, and Tribal/local governments.
  • Strategies and planning, benchmarking, principles, outcomes and action plans. 
  • Pre-disaster Community Recovery Plan templates, stakeholder engagement and communications plans. 
  • Assessment, planning and recovery for business continuity needs. 
  • Coordination with state departments of emergency management, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), and other agencies and departments for incident-specific plans. 

Disaster recovery coordination, project development and grants administration.
  • Development of recovery policies and plans, community engagement strategy, risk management plans, issues management. Governance structures, budgets, reporting, management processes and staff for implementation/delivery. 
  • Communications tools. 
  • Community engagement management, evaluations and monitoring. 
  • Critical issues management and resolution. 
  • Development of ‘legacy’ projects using post-disaster funding and resources. 
  • External stakeholder and partnership relations management. 
  • Support to tribal governments, elected officials and senior executives. 

Community engagement, coordination, liaison and critical issues management.
  • Coordination between tribal governments, recovery professionals and community. 
  • Identification of community needs, assessment and action plans. 
  • Coordination for community advisory committee/group input. 
  • Community resilience assessment and planning. 

Capacity building for Tribal Disaster Declarations/emergency management program development.
  • Coordination of training for development of Hazard Mitigation Plans. 
  • Assessment and preparation for development of Hazard Mitigation plans. 
  • Seminars and information sessions on hazard mitigation and/or negotiations for recovery partnerships with state government and FEMA. 

Google Apps, SmartSheet, and other software solutions. 

Disaster recovery websites and intranet.

Mapping and GIS for emergency management.

FEMA and emergency management grant-writing. 

Federal Services: grants technical assistance, tribal outreach, training, webinars, staffing (Disaster Recovery Managers).