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Clot Bey

Bartholomew Antoine Clot Bey (1793-1868)

Born in Grenoble, graduated in medicine and surgery in Montpellier. After serving time in Marseille was appointed chief surgeon of Mohamed Ali, viceroy of Egypt. In Abuzabal, near Cairo, founded a hospital and medical school, causing direct confrontation with the religious authorities to establish the anatomical study by dissection. In 1832 Mohamed Ali was awarded the title of bey without requiring him to renounce his religion, and in 1836 received the rank of general, and was appointed head of the medical administration of the country. In 1849 he returned to Marseille, though he returned to Egypt in 1856. He died in 1868 in Marseille

Bartholomew Antoine Clot Bey (1793-1868) , French physician who introduced European medicine of the time in Egypt (Including the autopsy practice despite the great religious resistance) 
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