It is my pleasure to welcome you in Kasr Al Ainy in our event 6th Kasr Al Ainy Critical Care Nephrology Conference (Nephrocritica 2019). Our aim is to help the nephrologists in the nephrological and medical care of critically ill patients that are usually faced during every day clinical practice and to promote and establish critical care nephrology scientifically in Egypt as a separate branch of Nephrology. We hope this to be accomplished through the conference workshop (ICU start for Nephrologists) that is formed of 9 workshops  that will continue throughout the 4 days and concentrated mainly in the first two days and through other scientific contents of the conference including lectures, case presentations, and free communications. Workshop training will be given by experts in the fields of internal medicine ICU, Nephrology and other related fields of medicine. In addition to our invited prestigious international speakers, the conference  scientific contents will be covered by a number of  well known Egyptian experts in the fields of Nephrology and Critical Care Medicine  from Kasr Al Ainy in addition to other  national universities and institutes. We are welcoming our guests from all over Egypt and  ask them to continue their  great share in the past 5  events by their noticeable attendance that was the main component of all of these events. We are honored this year with the scientific endorsement of ERA-EDTA and to share this elite scientific society its mission in promotion of education. I hope this meeting to be be a greatly successful one by getting  your satisfaction both scientifically by its  contents and socially by valuable meetings and discussions.

                                                                                                        Welcome in Cairo, in Kasr Al Ainy

                                                                                                                        Conference Secretary General

                                                                                                     Professor. Yasser Abdelhamid