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From the College Counselor

January, 2017

This past semester has been a busy time for all of our students. We have 75 students who are graduating and college bound for 2017. Most of the applications were due Jan 1 or Jan 15 so that made semester 1 extra busy with all of their academic commitments & deadlines also. Some students are still processing Canadian and Australian university applications since their deadlines are later than the US.

 At last count, over 820 applications have been filed to colleges this year. There are some still in progress which will increase that number. About 15% of our students had applied for Early Decision or Early Action; 90% of our graduating class has applied to US, Canadian or international universities and 10% are still in progress. A small number of results are just coming in and I will publish the full roster at a later date when we hear of all the results. A special thank you to the teachers for all their hard work on the individual recommendation letters. Reading a few of them, I can see why we are so proud of the students at KAS.

 Word is out on KAS!! Many of the admissions officers who have visited this past year have commented to me that they heard what a great school KAS is and how well rounded our kids are. They enjoyed visiting and meeting with your sons & daughters and are looking forward to more visits and applicants from our school. From August 2016, over 100 university admissions personnel have visited KAS. Many more are planned for this year. Please feel free to attend any of their presentations. It is important to get to meet them and ask questions as they are the ones who first read your child’s applications to their university.

 The grade 11 Junior “College Kickoff” will be next month in February. Now that seniors are almost finished, it is the time to start with the junior class interviews so I can get to know the students much better. Usually, I interview the students as many times as I can to discuss things like college choices, aspirations, possible majors & career paths, as well as get parent input regarding your child’s future. Please feel free to make an appointment with me at any time. The timeline for the upcoming senior class (gr 11) is from February to December of 2017. You will be well informed along the way of what we are doing and when it needs to be done by. The process and procedure I established with the graduating class will ensure that we get all the applications done on time and submitted. This is a 3 way process involving responsibilities from the student, parent and college counselor. We will have a parent meeting after the new year in the month of February so please try to attend. In the meantime if you have any questions, please call or drop in to room 187, The Counseling Office.

This semester I hope to host a few “Parent Coffee” mornings to meet with you and discuss issues of concern regarding college applications. As well, as part of the college counseling program at KAS, I will meet with students in grade 9 and 10 during Advisory Periods this semester.

I would like to wish you all a very happy, healthy & prosperous new year for the year of the rooster!  Gong Xi Fa Cai!!

Here are a few things that may help you in your university search.

Naviance/Family Connection: This is a comprehensive website geared towards college and personal searches. Most of the college applications are sent electronically through Naviance. All students have access to this website. Naviance/Family Connection

The KAS College Handbook which has many tips & techniques for navigating the college application process. College Handbook

Visitors to KAS: Every year, college admissions representatives come to our school to meet with students, parents and the counselor to update us on the latest happenings and admission requirements & programs. It’s most important that students take this opportunity to meet with them as they are a wealth of knowledge and a great help in navigating the process as well as suggesting programs for our students. My goal is to get many more representatives to visit us in the coming months. We have great students and a great school! Let’s show the world!

How to schedule a KAS visit: Please contact Greg Bishop, college counselor at gbishop@kas.kh.edu.tw or Denise Wu, counseling secretary,  at dwu@kas.kh.edu.tw  We would be happy to make arrangements.Please also see our section on College and University visitors in the menu to the left. It contains useful information to help you plan your visit.

Greg Bishop, College Counselor