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Mission statement

Karibu’s aim is to provide a platform for African women to get together, identify their common issues and come up with options for addressing them. It is an organisation that aims to give a voice to women without a voice and an extension of our desire is to be part and parcel of the Scottish society. We see ourselves as facilitating the process of integration through self-empowerment and access to services.

Karibu strives to work towards a better Scotland where African women are less isolated, are supported to re-build their lives, and are integrated in all aspects of Scottish society. Karibu seeks to work with other agencies in delivering its services and making sure that the members voices are heard with a view to influence policy and practice.

  • Taste of Africa
    Karibu provides an African buffet style catering service to many community and social events in and around Glasgow. The project is lead and delivered by volunteers. It aims to promote our African cuisine heritage and to offer a training and socialising opportunity to women. Click here for our menu.

  • Karibu Fashions
    Karibu Fashions is a social enterprise which aims to improve the skills of volunteers but also is a form of therapy for women who are survivors of violence. We are aiming to produce a catalogue of products and sell these commercially to become sustainable. In 2012, we developed a Karibu Tartan and wrote a book: "African Tartan and Textiles, Women's Work - Our Heritage Our Future". Click here to access the Tartan Register. We successfully piloted the sale of items produced by our volunteers at the Oxfam Shop on Byres Road (see picture left). Click here for press article.

Our Volunteering Project is funded by the Volant Trust Charitable Trust through Foundation Scotland and the Volunteer Action Fund

    Karibu Scotland is also supported by:

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