This year in history class, we are going to be historians and geographers analyzing and researching information to answer these questions. We will look at different stories in history to connect them to one another and see how multiple perspectives can impact a story. We have all experienced the problem that arises when we have a single story (when only one side is represented), and our class aims to go beyond that story and provide multiple sides to every story.

This class will examine and compare the locations, leaders and belief systems of five different regions of the world.  When we learn about different locations, we will study the geography and how proximity to different natural resources influences how people live. Leaders use power in different ways to organize groups of people. Great leaders use available resources well and appeal to people’s core values or beliefs. Studying belief systems allows us to understand how individuals and societies see the world and what motivates them.

There will be 5 different parts of the world we’ll investigate in depth this school year:

  1. Middle East: Israel & Palestine

  2. Africa: Apartheid in South Africa

  3. Asia: India's Partition + Modernizing Japan

  4. Americas: Exploration & Exploitation

Academic Standards and Learning Targets

Academic Standards relate to your level of performance on content and skills. A student will be assessed on an academic standard in the form of an essay, presentation, performance task, or unit exam a minimum of three times.  Learning Targets are the smaller components that make up the academic standards and will be communicated at the beginning of each lesson.  The grading scale is as follows:




EXCEEDING MASTERY - My response shows that I understand the content and skills and can apply them to new situations or can explain them in detail.


MEETING MASTERY - My response shows that I understand the important parts of the content and skills.


APPROACHING MASTERY - My response shows that I have a general understanding of the content and skills but I am also confused about some important parts.


BELOW MASTERY  - My response shows I have minimal understand of the content and skills.