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About Us

The Lean Banking Institute is sponsored by the Kaplan Business Group. We work in collaboration with industry, academy and consulting firms. We have been involved in the lean and six sigma revolution in the manufacturing industry since 1980s and helping banks implement the same principles since mid 90s. Our aim is to provide useful, actionable research and act as thought leaders in the retail banking industry.

Our methods are mostly analytic in nature. However, we also provide best practice know-how from other industries, such as manufacturing, supply chain and theme parks, as well as the best run banks across the globe. We offer a fresh approach to existing problems, regularly producing top quality white papers on everything from why accurate forecasting is so important to everything you ever needed to know about staff levels.

We are keen to discuss our work with interested parties so if you have a query or would like to find out more, please contact us.

Also, if you are interested in publishing with the Lean Banking Institute  or participating in our publication process as a referee, please contact us