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2018 Winners

2018 Kansas State Science and Engineering Fair Winners


Overall Winners

Division III (Grades 4-5)

1st Place – Ryan Haas

2nd Place – Tucker Leck

3rd Place – Emmanuel Garcia-Romero and Parker Brown


Division II (Grades 6-8)

1st Place – Grace Dilinger

2nd Place – Jensen Brull and Tate Dinkel

3rd Place – Claudia Clark and Madison Crawford


Division I (Grades 9 – 12)

1st Place – Luann Jung

2nd Place – Kevin Johnson


3rd Place – Runfan Yang


Category Awards

Animal Science

Division III – Jose Alvarado – Gold

Division II – Samantha Martinez – Gold, Sofia Bricker – Silver, Addison Larson - Bronze

Division I – Runfan Yang – Gold, Ethan Westerman and Kate Coon – Silver, Cameron Day – Bronze



Division III - Jenna Brull – Gold, Emmalynn Pupanek – Silver, Olivia Goodwin – Bronze

Division II – Hannah Simmers – Gold, Natalie Loftus, Kadrian Ayarza, Anna Stark – Silver, Chaseton Wasson – Bronze

Division I – Srinivasan Madhavan – Gold, Catherine Raacke – Silver, Cal Margaret/Maria Herrera and Jayline Rios – Bronze (Tie)


Behavioral and Social Science

Division III – Kendra Ardery – Gold, Brylyn Jolly – Silver

Division II – Addison Schletzbaum – Gold, Jaeden Parker – Silver, Elena Resha – Bronze

Division I – Carson Piece and Emma Wituk – Gold, Mary Sevart and Vonda Hale/Nayeli Gomez and Bianca Lopez – Silver (Tie), Erin Jackson – Bronze


Biomedical and Health Sciences

Division III – Ben Uher and Lydia Filinger – Gold

Division II – Grace Dilinger – Gold, Claudia Clark and Madison Crawford – Silver, Olivia and Emile Lott – Bronze

Division I – Emilee Escareno and Justin Zimmers – Gold


Computational Biology and Bioinformatics

Luann Jung - Gold


Cellular and Molecular Biology

Division I – Kaberlin Hull – Gold



Division III – Ryan Haas – Gold, Wyatt Lovell – Silver, Jacob Kramer – Bronze

Division II – Carolina Tarlton – Gold, Morgan Markus – Silver, Rylan Williams – Bronze

Division I – Raegan Johnson-Hinds – Gold, John Pohorecki and Karol Flores – Silver


Earth and Environmental Sciences

Division III – Sarah Lamatsch – Gold, Noah Friesen and Rene Duck – Silver

Division II – Ethan Duncan – Gold, Lucy Dunning – Silver, Toby Miller – Bronze

Division I – Kevin Johnson – Gold, Deserae Schwindt and Paige Claassen – Silver, Izzy Paine – Bronze


Energy: Chemical

Division II – Jensen Brull and Tate Dinkel – Gold, Emma Kramer – Silver, Brock Griffin – Bronze

Division I – Charlie Sheedy – Gold


Energy: Physical

Division III – Kingsley Granville – Gold, Daniel McLachian – Silver, Corbin Dierking and James Littlewood – Bronze

Division II – Avery Norton and Eli Aziere – Gold, Raylen Kraus – Silver, Hadi Hatcher and Lilly Hinson – Bronze

Division I – Douglas Davisson – Gold


Environmental Engineering

Division III – CJ Beard – Gold

Division II – Martha Saldana Rodriguez – Gold, Olivia Pond – Silver, Devin Newby – Bronze


Engineering Mechanics

Division III – Connor Jahnke and Daniel McLaren – Gold

Division II – Rustin Pearce and Daycen Austin – Gold, Trey Bassil – Silver, Carsten Vaughn – Bronze

Division I – Rusty Hurley and Gideon Galicia – Gold


Materials Science

Division III – Easton Schletzbaum – Gold, Addison Douglass – Silver

Division II – Jamyn Walters – Gold, Carissa Sohn – Silver, Braxon Blackwood - Bronze

Division I – Daniel Weatherly – Gold



Division III – Julian Montenegro – Gold

Division II – Abigail Foreman – Gold, Katie Zachgo and Claire Wohler – Silver, Luis Cruz and Alex Baez – Bronze

Division I – William Day – Gold, Nikki Gill – Silver, Jason Torrey and Zach Hare – Bronze


Physics and Astronomy

Division III – Emmanuel Garcia-Romero and Parker Brown – Gold, Mathew Garnett and Tyler Dorman – Silver, Cali Crowl – Bronze

Division II – Ryleigh Smalls – Gold, Lyla Evans – Silver, Dylan Buckalew – Bronze

Division I – Alexa Snook and Saul Medina – Gold


Plant Sciences

Division III – Tucker Leck – Gold, Abby Thalmann – Silver, Katie Sheedy and Alivia Bolin – Bronze

Division II – Ashi Wickramasundara – Gold, Kenneth Fosdick – Silver, Macey Tucker – Bronze

Division I – Ethan Hatcher – Gold, Cheyenne Ibarra – Silver, Delaney Cedeno – Bronze


Robotics and Intelligent Machines

Division II – Abdullah Rasheed – Gold

Division I – Derrick Newby – Gold


Translational Medical Science

Division II – Marie Loest and Emily Valeriano-Trejo – Gold


Special Awards

American Psychological Association – Ali McClain
Association for Women Geoscientists – Emma Kramer
ASU Walton Sustainability Solutions – Charlie Sheedy
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administraion – Sarah Lamatsh
NASA Earth System Science Award – Kevin Johnson
Ricoh USA, Inc. – Jensen Brull and Tate Dinkel
Exploration Place – Claudia Clark and Madison Crawford
Tanganyka – Matthew Garnet and Tyler Dorman
Kansas Citizens for Science – Clay Burk and Ethan Duncan
BioGenius – 
Catherine Raacke, 
Srinivasan Madhavan, 
Luann Jung
Kansas Junior Academy of Science – 
Tucker Leck, 
Collin Countryman, 
Kody Gray, 
Jensen Brull, 
Tate Dinkel, 
Cal Marquardt
U.S. Stockholm Junior Water Prize – 
Sarah Lamatsch, 
Deserae Schwindr and Paige Claassen, 
Kevin Johnson
Broadcom Masters – 
Grace Dilinger, 
Jensen Brull and Tate Dinkel,
Claudia Clark and Madison Crawford, 
Olivia Flores and Emma Lott, 
Ashi Wickramasundara,
Ethan Duncan, 
Avery Norton and Eli Aziere, 
Jamyn Walters, 
Kenneth Fosdick, 
Addison Schletzbaum
Kansas Academy of Mathematics and Science Summer Camp Scholarship –
Ashtyn Jolly, 
Benjamin Sunderland and Braden Rucker, 
Collin Countryman and Sophie Bricker
Kansas Academy of Mathematics and Science Scholarship – Catherine Raacke