So you’re entering the Kansas Science Fair? We’re glad to have you!

Registration Deadline is TBA


Erinn Stiles
Education Curator
13303 W. Maple
Ste. 139, #165
Wichita, KS. 67235
316-794-8954 ext 102

Helpful Tips:
Before you begin your research, please take a few minutes to look at the rule book: Reading it BEFORE you start your research will save you much time and frustration!
Students will NOT have access to electricity at the facility!
We are required to follow all ISEF regulations, which includes NO live animals, bacteria, etc. may be displayed (See ISEF rule booklet)
All category descriptions can be found at this link:

That’s all

the information you need to get started and carry your project and team to the finish line. Good luck!

Required forms for Grades 4-8
Required forms for Grades 9-12