On top of being a great opportunity for young people across the state to grow and challenge themselves, the Kansas State Science and Engineering Fair is also a place where adults come together to better these young people in the name of scientific exploration. We all push to meet requirements, further investigation, and promote problem identification and problem solving.

First and foremost, this venue provides students with experience in critical thinking, leadership, and creative problem solving. Students from around the state are given an opportunity to showcase their talents in this academic setting, and earn rewards and honors. Attending one of the six regional science fairs within the state is a prerequisite of attending the state fair. The Kansas State Science and Engineering Fair (KSSEF) competition will involve students in dynamic scientific investigations. The participating students will gain perspective of the world through science and math and will develop skills necessary to persist in today’s society.
In the Kansas State Science and Engineering Fair competition the main emphasis is on individual scientific research. Students learn through this process how to conduct valid scientific research and how to communicate their findings both written and orally. The Kansas State Science and Engineering Fair is part of a progressive opportunity for students to compete at local, regional, state, and international levels. Students who participate in the fairs have the opportunity to win numerous awards that include trophies, cash, and scholarships.


Students receiving Highly Superior ratings at local science fairs advance to regional science fairs. Then, the top 35 projects or top 25% in each division of the regional’s participants (whichever number is greater) will advance to the KSSEF. Division I includes students in grades nine to twelve and Division II includes students in grades four through eight. The state fair should consist of about 150+ projects. The regional fairs typically display around 300+ projects, and the local fairs that feed into the regional fairs potentially have 100+ students at each. Science fairs reach thousands of Kansas’s students each year.

The state science fair will have two divisions. Division I is for students in grades 9-12. Division II is for students in grades 4-8. Both divisions are subdivided into categories containing specific content.

Volunteers in science, and math related jobs are scheduled to interview the students and judge the projects at the Kansas State Science and Engineering Fair. If you are interested in becoming a judge, please fill out the application on our website. Local advertisement is planned.


Funding for the Kansas State Science and Engineering Fair will continue to come from donations made by our sponsors. All donors will receive public recognition for their generosity. For more information about these giving opportunities, please contact:

Julie Duggin, 1829 N. Topaz, Wichita, KS 67212