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MAY 9-JULY 4, 2015


Dennis Agena, former University of Hawaii and current Kalakaua Clinic basketball coach, and Marlene Zeug, head coach of Kahuku High and Intermediate girls basketball, are holding a fundraiser basketball clinic for two months at KHIS.

For $150, participants will receive eight two-hour sessions of instruction – specifically geared to their skill level – from May 9 to July 4. Participants may attend all eight sessions or pay $25 each. Everyone receives a clinic T-shirt.

Beginners’ sessions run from 8-10am; intermediate, 10am-12pm; and advanced, 12-2pm. There is no clinic on May 16.

Players must bring their own basketball, and they should also bring water and wear appropriate clothing.

Proceeds benefit the Kahuku girls basketball program. To register, go to www.kahukugirlsbasketball.eventbrite.com. For more information, call 256-2268 or email coachmarz808@gmail.com.

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Know your privacy rights as they apply to:
1) student record information
2) directory information
3) surveys and other information collection
4) military recruitment information
For more information on your privacy rights, the laws that protect them, and how to exercise your rights, contact your school administrator or visit http://ferpa.k12.hi.us.

Updated July 2013

School will now end at 2:00 pm on MTThF and 1:35 pm on Wednesdays.  After school, your child should proceed directly to A+ or he/she will need to be picked up or allowed to walk home according to your arrangements.  Students remaining on campus after 2:30 pm/2:00 pm (W) will be escorted to the front office and required to call you.  You will then need to sign out your child in the front office.

For safety reasons, students should not be arriving on campus before 7:20 am.  If you plan on having your child(ren) on campus before 7:20 am, please arrange for morning care with Kama'aina Kids. Students may wait outside their homerooms from 7:45 am.  Prior to that, all unsupervised students must report to the cafeteria where they can read, work or quietly socialize in a supervised environment.

Children are not allowed to use or play on the playgrounds or playground equipment before or after school.  There is no DOE staff supervision available at these times.

Please do not bring equipment from home, such as tetherballs, to use on school campus after hours.

The safe flow of traffic is important for both the top and bottom drop-off/pick-up areas. Please do not drop-off/pick-up your child(ren) in undesignated areas, which will block the easy flow of traffic.  Please do not stop short by the bottom stairs for drop-off/pick-up and do not drop-off/pick-up by the back of the cafeteria.  This will allow for the continued flow of traffic and enhance the safety for children.  Thank you for your kokua.


If a child is absent for three or more school days, parents may contact the office to request make-up assignments. The office clerk forwards the request to the classroom teacher. Classroom teacher prepares the assignment packet for pick-up by 2:45 pm on the day following receipt of the request.

If the absence is less than three days, 
teachers will communicate make-up expectations with the child upon his/her return to school.

Please be aware that no make-up assignment is equivalent to missed instruction provided by our teachers. Further, our teachers adjust the pace and content of their instruction based on student learning needs. Consequently, we recommend that requests for make-up assignments be made upon the return from a long absence.


Effective March 2012

In collaboration with our school social worker, we updated our schoolʻs Tardy Policy to deter students from being habitually tardy to school. As of this month, students who accumulate nine tardies will receive a notice stating that he/she will be serving detention.  Additionally, students who are tardy will not be eligible for the perfect attendance award for the quarter. In this first go around, however, in lieu of detention, we are asking parents to work with their child in developing a School Promptness Action Plan. Hopefully, this updated policy will be effective in helping students be on time for school and ready to learn.

Please refer to your child's student planner in the school's General Policies and Practices for more information on our attendance policy.


(BREAKFAST SERVICE:  7:20 - 7:40 am)

Regular Student Price                  $1.00
Reduced Student Price                $0.30
Adult & Second Student Price      $2.20

Regular Student Price                  $2.25
Reduced Student Price                $0.40
Second Student Entree Price       $1.85
Adult & Second Student Price      $5.00
Milk only                                       $0.50   

The Department is not reimbursed by U.S. Department of Agriculture for adult meals and second meals served to students.  The cost to the Department is the full cost of $5.00.   


Please check your child's/children's payment reminder slip daily (except Wednesdays) because no lunch loan slips will be coming home.  Our program will be showing a negative balance indicating your child has borrowed moneyPlease make timely deposits into your child's meal account to avoid a negative balance.  The best practice is to make a deposit as soon as your child brings home the payment reminder slip.  Thank you!


April 7 – May 14       SBAC Testing Grades 3,4,5,6


For detailed calendar, click here or "Calendar & Events" on left sidebar

If you are an individual with a disability, please contact the following personnel to make arrangements for reasonable modifications and accessibility to school events at least 10 days in advance of event you wish to attend.  Reasonable efforts will be made to accommodate your request.  For Kaneohe Elementary School events, please contact: Jacque Shaner - Vice Principal, Daniel Dela Cruz - Head Custodian, Derek Minakami - Principal, or call the office at 233-5633.


The fee for the After-School Plus (A+) Program is $85 per month / per child.

For more info:  http://doe.k12.hi.us/programs/aplus.htm

For Tax Purposes:  A+ Federal Tax ID:  99-0266482


Please make sure that you take care of the originals that you receive.  Report Card copy requests need to be made in writing, to the office (not the teacher) 2 days in advance.  Payment will be collected at time of pick up from the school office.


Instruction begins sharply at 7:55 am each day.  Parents, please support your child so they can be on time to class by 7:50 am.  Show them you think school is important by departing their classrooms by 7:55 am so instruction can begin.

Please report directly to the office if bringing a item for your child.  The office staff will notify the classroom teacher an item has arrived and the item will be delivered to the classroom during a break in the instructional period.  This will eliminate any disruption to the students' instructional blocks.

Thank you for honoring the instructional day and every precious moment of uninterrupted learning.


The school has no cell phone policy during instructional hours.  If your child is allowed a cell phone, the cell phone should remain OFF and IN your child's back pack during the school day.  Before school and after school cell phone use is allowed in drop/off, pick/up areas and in the front office.  If the cell rings during instruction, the teacher will confiscate the cell phone, turn it in to the Vice Principal, who will call you for pick up.  Thank you for your support.


The following items are considered contraband and therefore

not allowed at school:

  • Yu-gi-oh/Pokemon/playing and trading cards
  • iPads/iPods/hand held gaming devices/music players/radios
  • video recorders/speakers/ear plugs
  • toys including Kendama
  • laser pointers
  • skateboards/heeleys/roller skates
  • mouth spray/deodorant/perfumes and colognes
  • large amounts of money or valuables
  • sports equipment 

Consequences include parent notification, detention, and 

confiscation of contraband items.  Students should bring

only items needed for school, such as books and supplies.

It is helpful to check your child’s backpack regularly for contraband items.  


If personal information changes, please remember to notify the school in case of emergencies.  Thank you!

45-495 Kamehameha Highway
Kāne‘ohe, Hawai‘i  96744
Ph: (808) 233-5633