Kandoo Band at Jazz at Lincoln Center Scrapbook

A Night of Bright Lights!

In the Green Room at Jazz at Lincoln Center: Front: Tori; Back: Bret, John, Brendan, Lucas, Robby

Doorway to a Magical Evening! Kandoo Band with Roadie/Mom/Manager Anne

For permission to use the following photos commemorating the spectacular event, we thank Nancy Goldberg, Nancy's Birthday Celebration, Belvoir Terrace, and The Edna Y. Schwartz Scholarship Event at the Allen Room at Jazz at Lincoln Center (photographer Michael Ross) 

Performers, enter by the Stage Door at 20 W 60th, please!

The Kandoo Band with Nancy Goldberg enjoying the after-concert party. (We had to Photoshop Brendan in because he was off socializing when the pic was snapped. But you can tell he belongs thanks to the guys' jazzy ties!)