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Term 4 Welcome Back !

posted Oct 11, 2017, 1:32 AM by Fiona Salmon   [ updated Oct 11, 2017, 7:20 PM by Michelle Davies ]

Week 1  
What an exciting holiday or break all our students, families and teachers have had. The Portables have been buzzing this week!

We have started our new CBL topic ' Sustainability'.

We have asked students to talk about how they use or save the Earth's resources at home.  Please bring some ideas to school to talk about in class.

All the Grade 2 students are looking forward to the Sleepover coming in Week 3! Please check the Sleepover page on this site for more details or ask your child's teacher.

Please, parents, can we have all payments in by the end of this week for the Sleepover (Grade 2s) and the Tabloid Sports (Grade 1s). Please note the payment for Tabloid Sports is included in the Sleepover payment.

The Grade 2s are decorating pillowcases!  Why?  Ask them!  All materials and pillowcases will be supplied at school.

We have been looking at Place Value in maths and are introducing the topic of Money. We are learning that there are different Australian coins and notes that have different values.

Week 2
We are having another busy week!  
Please remember to bring and wear your HAT this week.

In Numeracy, we are still practising and exploring Place Value. We will continue to explore how to count money and calculate change.

In Reader's Workshop, we are continuing to practise plural rules.   We will be using the reading strategy to 'Compare and Contrast'. 

We are starting a new program called Yoganauts for the Foundation, Grade 1s and 2s once a week on either Tuesday or Wednesday for 4 weeks. We are very lucky to be able to offer this program at no cost to our families.  Students won't need special equipment. Just have fun!

this Friday!

We are starting to think about what it would be like to be a student in the next grade.

Starting this Friday 20th October, Grade 2s will move to the Grade 3/4 area to experience the exciting lessons, games or routines in another grade.  Grade 1 students will remain with their own teacher, but will welcome the Foundation students to their classroom and show them the ropes!

Students will have a lot of fun getting to know each other and see another classroom in action. Awesome!

Week 10

posted Sep 13, 2017, 6:11 PM by Bron Steele

Congratulations on a fantastic term everyone!  Its Week 10!!!

This week we will be putting the finishing touches on our Publishing Party stories to make sure they are ready for Thursday!

Don't forget that the Publishing Party is on this Thursday at 2:45pm in your classrooms.  We will be having visits from other grades from 2:20pm and then your parents are invited at 2:45pm.

On Wednesday this week the Level 2 teachers will be having their planning day to get organised for next term.  You will have your normal specialist classes along with a few relief teachers who will do some fun things with you.

Our Focus Text this week is 'Enemy Pie' and we will be looking at the CAFE strategy of 'expanded vocabulary.'

Remember that we finish at 2:30pm on Friday 22nd September.

We hope you have a very happy and safe holidays.  We will see you all in the new term.

Week 9

posted Sep 6, 2017, 4:08 PM by Bron Steele   [ updated Sep 6, 2017, 4:53 PM ]

Well done on surviving a week of swimming!  Everyone did a fabulous job of getting organised and getting on and off the buses.  

We have two weeks of school left and so much to do!!

Please note a few changes to the details for the Publishing Party - it is still happening on Thursday 21st however the time is now 2:45pm and the location is your classroom!  Please make sure your special guests know!  You will have brought home an invitation with all the details last Thursday.

Please remember that the 5/6s are having their market day this Wednesday.  Students are able to bring up to $10 to spend on some fun activities and craft.  Students will be attending to either browse or purchase and all monies raised will be going to a worthy cause.

Also don't forget our Maths Sports Day this Friday!  All students are encouraged to come dressed in their favourite sporting team colours or in their own sporting teams uniform.  Its going to be a fun, action packed day filled with maths and sport!

Lastly - don't forget to jump onto Compass and pay for your Grade 2 sleepover.  We are very excited this year to be including the Grade 1s in our activity on the Friday morning following the sleepover.  So if you are a Grade 1 please also check Compass for the payment and permission form for this.

This week we will be returning to our normal weekly program.  In Maths Toolbox lessons we will be continuing our work on fractions. You can cut your dinner in to halves and quarters!  We will also be working on probability in Task Maths on Thursday.

We will finish our Publishing Party final copies this week and make sure our illustrations are ready to go.

In Reader's Workshops we will continue to look at 'PIE' meaning - persuade, inform or entertain.  Each take home reader you read this week, you could practise this by identifying the author's purpose for writing the text.

We hope you enjoy your busy busy week!

Week 8

posted Aug 30, 2017, 4:36 PM by Bron Steele   [ updated Aug 30, 2017, 9:50 PM by Melanie Tattersall ]


Yes its week 8 and this week we will be heading to Aquanation to swim everyday!  Please remember to wear your bathers to school and bring your goggles, underwear and towel in a named bag.  You also need to make sure all the clothes you are wearing are named so that when you get changed we know who they belong to!  Your teacher has given your parents the time of when you will be swimming.

We are very pleased to announce that our Publishing Party will be held on Thursday 21st at 2:20pm in the stadium.  Please let your parents and special people know!

This week we will be running a different program due to swimming.  We will not be having any Thrass words or normal maths sessions.  We will be having some reading and writing sessions to make sure our Publishing Party stories are ready to go.

We hope you enjoy your week of swimming - remember to name everything you bring!

Week 7

posted Aug 23, 2017, 3:54 PM by Bron Steele   [ updated Aug 23, 2017, 4:48 PM ]

Can you believe its week 7?  We can't!!

Thank you for coming to visit us last week, with your parents.  We hope you enjoyed showing them some of the hard work you have been doing.

FINAL CALL FOR SWIMMING MEDICAL FORMS - please send your forms back to your teacher ASAP.  We are not able to take you on the bus if you have not returned it. Thank you.

This week we will be working on our exciting endings for our Publishing Party stories.  They are really starting to take shape.  Our Publishing Party will be in week 10.

Our Thrass words this week are all words that you can use in your writing in place of the word 'said.' 

In Maths we are going to be learning about fractions.  Perhaps you can make some fractions with your dinner at home!

In CBL we are asking you to think about a special place, describe it and the needs and wants and then promote it using ICT or making a poster.

We hope you have a fantastic week.

Week 6

posted Aug 16, 2017, 3:38 PM by Bron Steele

Here comes week 6!

Some important things to remember:

Branch Out Day Monday - please come dressed in something to do with an Australian theme.  If you ordered a special lunch, those will be delivered to your classroom however if you didn't please make sure you still bring your lunch as normal.

Please return your swimming notices ASAP.  The medical forms are important and we cannot let you go without them!  We also need to pass on your Aquanation swimming forms too, so please fill them out and return them.

This week is 3 way conferences.  We hope you have booked in to see your teachers so that you can celebrate your hard work with your parents.

This week we will continue our work on shape, as we look at what happens to shapes when we manipulate them with a flip, slide or turn.

We will also be continuing our toolbox lessons on multiplication and division.

In Reader's Workshops we are going to be learning about antonyms and synonyms, so our Thrass spelling words also have some examples of these as well as some words to do with our Japanese visitors.  Our CAFE strategy this week will be to 'identify elements of the story' and our Focus Text will be 'Out,' which is another CBC shortlisted book.

Our Publishing Party stories are really taking place and you have been working hard at adding in detail and editing your work.  This week, we will begin on our exciting endings!

Enjoy your week!

Week 5

posted Aug 10, 2017, 9:10 PM by Bron Steele

We are officially half way through the term!  Week 5 has arrived!

Please make sure you have paid the remainder owing for swimming lessons as they are fast approaching!

This week is exciting because our visitors from Japan are arriving and we will be having a special assembly on Tuesday.  Then on Thursday we will be having visits in our classrooms from the Lily Vale students.

Our Thrass words this week are all related to our 'focus text' as well as some 3 dimensional shape names too.  Last week you all did such an incredible job of learning about homophones.  We were so impressed with your spelling test results on Friday!

This week we will continue working our Maths Toolbox lessons on Multiplication and Division in our classes as well as 3D shapes in Maths Investigations on Thursday.

We will be having our final CBL rotations this week and you will receive your final puzzle piece to complete your map of Australia.

Reader's Workshops will have us reading Mem Fox's "I Am Australian Too" and linking it to the CAFE strategy of using interesting words when speaking and writing.  We will continue to expand our knowledge of homophones in grammar and punctuation.

Last week we learnt how to get onto our Google Drive, create a document and share it with your teacher.  We will again practise this skill this week and then you can teach someone in your house how to do it too!

Your Publishing Party stories are really beginning to take shape as we work on the 'Mighty Middle' of your story.  This is the part of your story when you present a really detailed and interesting problem.  

We hope you have another fantastic week!

Week 4

posted Aug 2, 2017, 10:50 PM by Bron Steele

Its week 4!  Yippee!

We hope you have enjoyed your long weekend!  We have been busy busy learning all about maths!

This week in Task Maths we will be looking at 3D shapes - I wonder how many you can see around you and name?

In maths we will be doing multiplication and division. 

For CBL we will continue visiting each teacher and learning about Australia!  Its been fabulous hearing all the new facts you are learning about our country.

This week the Australian Girl's choir will be visiting us on Thursday and listening to all the Grade 1/2 girls sing.

Our Thrass words this week are homophones!  I wonder if you can think of some different ones?

In Writer's Workshops we have been busy developing our Publishing Party stories and we will continue to develop these this week. We've been impressed so far by your ideas for characters, settings, problems and solutions.

For ICT this week we will be making Google Docs and sharing them with your teacher.  This is a great skill for us to develop as you will be using it a lot in the senior school.

Don't forget that swimming payments are due and also Branch Out day is coming up and you will need to come dressed in something to do with Australia!

Have another fantastic week. 

Week 3

posted Jul 26, 2017, 5:04 PM by Bron Steele

Welcome to Week 3!  We hope you have a wonderful week.

This week we have a Curriculum Day on Friday 4th so there is no school!  The teachers will be at school learning about maths!

In Writer's Workshops this week we will continue to work on our Publishing Party stories and begin to develop a problem and solution.

This week we will have no Zoned Maths however you will begin to look at multiplication and division in your own grades.

In Task Maths we have been looking at 2D shapes and this week we will begin to explore 3D shapes.  I wonder how many 3D shapes you can see around you right now?!

We have some fantastic spelling words and activities for you this week too!

Please try to stay out of the muddy areas around school!  But - if you are someone who just can't keep out of the mud, then please pop a spare change of pants and socks into  your bag from now util the end of term.

Enjoy your week!

Week 2

posted Jul 19, 2017, 10:55 PM by Bron Steele

Week 2 is here!

Last week you would have received a note from your teacher about bringing a photo in of your favourite place.  We are really looking forward to hearing about your favourite place and the things you like to do there, as well as why it is special to you and your family.  We are going to mapping these in class to see where everyone has been!

Our Thrass words this week are all Australian Capital Cities or Territories.  Don't forget to practise them throughout the week and definitely don't forget that they are proper nouns and need a capital letter at the beginning.  

For Maths we will be continuing to look at time and will complete our portfolio pieces on this by the end of the week.  In task maths we are looking at shapes.  Last week we did 2D shapes and made shape pizzas, this week we are looking at 3D shapes.  I wonder how many you know and can see around you?

Our focus text is 'Are We There Yet?' and we have been looking at the CAFE strategy, 'making inferences.'  We will continue that this week and also look at what it means to make 'mental pictures.'

CBL is fun with the teachers doing rotations and teaching you about different landscapes and features of Australia.

In Writer's Workshops this week we will continue our focus on paragraphing and also begin to work on developing some characters for your Publishing Party story.

We hope you have a great week.

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