Welcome to the L2 Biology site.

The study of Biology is effectively the study of how to not 'end up dead'. This year it explores life at the cellular and genetic level, and how organisms have adapted different ways of dealing with the same life processes.

On this site, will be resources used in class as well as extras that may help you in your study ;-).  You should be looking on here frequently, as resources will be added and updated. If you are absent, you should look here for any notes, videos or worksheets that you may have missed. It is your responsibility to catch up.

L2 Biology requires study at home, you will not get the marks you want or need from only turning up to class.  There is an expectation that 30 minutes of study is completed each night.  This may be done each night or in bigger lumps.  Only occasionally will specific homework be set, so students need to focus their study on reviewing what has been covered in class and practising exam questions.

Purchasing the Scipad write on notes is essential for success.  It will cover the topics in far more detail than we are able to in class time.

Level 2 Biology 2018 Timetable.docx

Level 2 Biology 2018 CourseOutline.docx