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Referral Forms

  • Download the Referral Form you require (see below).
  • When you click on Download for the RTLB Referral form it might give you the options to Open or Save.
    • It is best to Save the form to your computer before you fill it in. On many computers, if you click Open it presumes you just want to look at it, and if you go on to fill it in you may find that you lose your changes.
    • Send the referral form to don.edmonds@kaikohertlbs.org as an attachment.
  • The Kaikohe RTLB Service Referral Form includes instructions for completing and submitting the referral.
  • If you are unable to download what you require from here, send a request to don.edmonds@kaikohertlbs.org describing what you want and it will be e-mailed to you as an attachment.
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Ministry of Education Special Education Service Request Form  1136k v. 3 Mar 31, 2008, 10:37 AM Don Edmonds
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Kaikohe RTLB Service Referral Form. NB: It is better to fill in the form using your computer BEFORE printing it (if you really have to print it).     50k v. 13 Dec 7, 2010, 9:17 PM Don Edmonds