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2016 schedule

January 15 to February 26, 2016
Familiar Convergence
Photography by Bob Benvenuto & Kevin Malella

March 4 to 13, 2016

March 18 to April 14, 2016
Jean Latka

April 15-16-17, 2016
BED Celebrating the Summer of Love 1968
Special 3 day experiential installation featuring the art and music of the summer of 1968 from your own mattress in the main gallery.

April 22 to July 15, 2016
Drawing Conclusions
American Artist & Author Tom Taylor aka The Poet Spiel aka Thoss W Taylor

July 15 to August 4, 2016
Gallery Closed

August 5 to September 4, 2016
Pueblo Modern Returns
Featuring art, architecture, design, fashion, lifestyle and more from 1945 - 1965.

October 1 to December 11, 2016
Worn Majesty
Artist Anne Scott

December 15, 2016
Creative Genius Release Party and Celebration | 4 Years of Visual & Performing Arts

2016 @ kadoya

2016 is dedicated to discovery and new experiences featuring some of the most extraordinary talent in Southern Colorado and beyond.

showcasing creative genius drives the mission at kadoya gallery.  our open door policy has offered emerging and mid-career artists a platform to share their story with the community of pueblo and throughout southern colorado.  in december 2012 artists mike strescino and shane jarrett curated the very first show at kadoya gallery and featured their beautiful art with magical performances by the haunted windchimes. 

it is this powerful convergence of the arts that continues to drive our passion to share the stories of our local creatives. and there is no place like pueblo where the raw and gritty edge of life empowers discovery and creativity to such a level of intensity.