About Our Campus

We are a non-profit, tax-exempt organization that maintains fiscal independence from tax or church monies. We practice nondiscriminatory policies with regards to students and faculty, are approved by a recognized evaluation process, and are independently governed by a board of trustees. 

Kachina Country Day School is located in Paradise Valley, Arizona. Serving the educational needs of the community since 1967, we accept applications for enrollment into our preschool or elementary school starting at 20 months through 8th grade. Our Country Day campus offers a warm and nurturing environment for children of all ages. We have a large and beautiful Children's Garden where kids can be a part of nature as well as plant a bit of their own. Many animals also call Kachina home and can be found throughout our campus and daily activities. 

Inside, we boast a very cutting-edge technology program that offers class room sets of portable, student computers for one-to-one laptop activities, as well as a separate computer lab, where students engage themselves in revolutionary methods of combining education and fun through technology. Our Music program offers a unique opportunity for students to learn, love and share music of all kinds, including rock-n-roll in our "School of Rock" music activities that include making a band, complete with drummer, guitarists, keyboardist, bassist and singers.

Kachina is proud of it's long standing reputation for athletics, as well. While team sports are no longer a part of the elementary program, we are able to offer students a wealth of sports in our indoor gym and outdoor sport court, soccer, and baseball fields. Youth leagues are often an important part of a child's growth process and Kachina offers many after-school programs involving athletics and sports for all age groups.

With a full service kitchen and cafeteria, Kachina is able to provide healthy snacks and hot lunches that are prepared fresh and daily to all our students at no extra cost

We love our school and we hope you do too! Please read below for a little more about our philosophy to see if you're ready to GO KACHINA!

The Kachina Family Philosophy...

Respect for Individuality

At Kachina, children don't have to fit "the system." We allow your child the time and space to mature without being judged or compared. By maintaining low student to teacher ratios, our staff takes the time to get to know your child. They appreciate individual strengths and reinforce them with frequent praise. They understand your child's developmental needs and take time to nurture growth. Your child is continually given opportunities to demonstrate competency and express ideas in different ways. In short "the system" is flexible. We want to encourage flexibility, not rigidity, in children. The ability to adapt and the confidence to risk is a key to lifelong success.

Strong Parent/Child/School Partnership

Parents are key players in a child's growth and development. You are the primary motivators, teachers and role models. You also know what you want for your children. The school's role is to support and complement you, to reinforce values and facilitate outcomes. The teachers at Kachina have a wealth of knowledge about child development and the complex process involved in building the foundations of learning. Together we are your child's advocates. Through parent participation, conferences and day-to-day communications, we establish expectations, share knowledge and solve problems. Your child is involved in the process as well, because that's how children learn the life skills of goal setting and problem solving.

Emphasis on the Complex Process of Learning

Confidence, emotional balance, sensory integration and efficient strategies are crucial to successful learning. These are the internal structures that enable a child to access, analyze, synthesize and utilize information with ease and minimal stress. At Kachina, we place strong emphasis on helping your child, at the most natural stages, develop these internal structures. With the foundation in place, your child will be able to deal with an ever-increasing body of knowledge and attain the complex thinking skills necessary to prosper in the future. It's estimated that by 2015, mankind will double its body of knowledge every 35 days. We cannot equip children for the future simply by teaching them what we know today. While content is important, the learning process is more important.

Experience and Leading edge expertise

For more than 30 years, we have been nurturing and studying children in the formative ages of 2 – 24 years old. We pioneered developmental screening in the valley over 25 years ago. As a result of screening and observation of more than 6000 preschoolers, pre-primary and young primary age children, we have evolved a developmentally appropriate curriculum for your child at all these age levels.

We screen your child annually from 3-6 years old to assess individual progress and prescribe nurturing activities. Drawing upon research in neurolinguistics, we developed a screening and the techniques to teach your elementary student how to use the most successful strategies for learning.

When screening of 6 to 16 year-old’s revealed that many lack the crtitical ability to visualize, we developed a visual sensory integration program. In 1989, we organized the Kline Learning Strategy Center, a new kind of resource which can help to optimize intelligence by fully developing and utilizing the sensory systems.


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