About the Clarke Cochrane Christmas Classic

The following is from a framed document, outside of Ketchikan High School's Clarke Cochrane Gymnasium:

"Don't ever forget people especially the kids, as they are the most important reason we are here" Clarke Cochrane exemplified this basic truth.  He kindly shared an infectious talent for making others glad; a precious ability to listen; a gracious and unyielding commitment to helping others.  He knew something special and personal about each person he knew.  We remember him for his athletic ability, his willingness to teach others, strong feelings for Alaska, love for the outdoors-and always having a dog; those were lucky dogs.

Clarke was loved by students and adults from every age and creed!  Clarke always knew when something would really matter; whether it was putting up championship pennants in the gym, drawing tournament brackets, or standing in the rain with ten stopwatches around his neck and a megaphone to start cross country meets.  These types of things made the difference, for he cared about every aspect of student life and those of his friends.  The example of pride and dedication was always radiated.  Someone said, "To be a teacher was not a job, but had to be a way of life.'  Clarke personified this to all of us.  Kayhi was his home and the students were his kids.

He began teaching at Kayhi in 1965 when he came from Iowa where he excelled in football and baseball at Iowa State Teacher's College.  At Kayhi, he taught physical science, and his room was the focal point for all activities.  He became, over the years, synonymous with Kayhi.

In 1983, Clarke died playing basketball in the gym.  The "Christmas Classic" and the gym are named in his honor.  It is hoped that the principles and ideals that Clarke lived by will be emulated by those athletic and extracurricular activities taking place here.  "The people who influence us the most are the people who believe in us the most."  This is Clarke's legacy for us all.  - Dave Crockett, former Kayhi Teacher