Ramping up for Region V

Come and join in the action at the annual Region V 2A, 3A and 4A Basketball Tournament. 

If you can't join us at the Clarke Cochrane Gymnasium, watch our live stream of all the games that is produced by our Ketchikan student video production team in partnership with Ketchikan Public Utilities.

Games available for purchase via download:  $10
All proceeds go to our Production Tech program to keep our streaming program going.
Thanks for your support.

  Day 1
 Game #Teams 
 G1Girls-Juneau Douglas vs. Thunder Mountain
 G2Boys-Kayhi vs. Juneau Douglas
 Day 2 
 G3Girls-Petersburg vs. Haines
 G4 Boys-Craig vs. Petersburg
 G5Girls-Craig vs. Wrangell 
 G6Boys-Haines vs. Wrangell 
 G7Girls-Kayhi vs. Juneau Douglas
 G8Boys-Kayhi vs. Thunder Mountain
 Day 3 
 G9 Girls-Craig vs. Haines
 G10 Boys-Craig vs. Haines
 G11 Girls-Thunder Mountain vs. Juneau Douglas
 G12Boys - Thunder Mountain vs. Juneau Douglas 
 G13Girls-Metlakatla vs. Petersburg 
 G14Boys-Metlakatla vs. Petersburg 
 G15Girls-Sitka vs. Mt. Edgecumbe 
 G16Boys-Sitka vs. Mt. Edgecumbe
  Day 4
 G17Girls-Petersburg vs. Craig 
 G18 Boys-Craig vs. Petersburg
 G19Girls-Sitka vs. Mt. Edgecumbe 
 G20 Boys-Sitka vs. Mt. Edgecumbe
 G21Girls-Metlakatla vs. Wrangell 
 G22Boys-Metlakatla vs. Wrangell 
 G23Girls-Kayhi vs. Juneau 
 G24 Boys-Kayhi vs. Juneau
  Day 5
 G25Girls-Craig vs. Wrangell 
 G26 Boys-Wrangell vs. Petersburg
 2018 Region V Dance Adjudication (free) 
 G27Boys-Mt. Edgecumbe vs. Metlakatla (Crossover Game) 
 G28Girls-Kayhi vs. Sitka  (Crossover Game) 
 G29Boys-Kayhi vs. Juneau Douglas